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SVP widens and strengthens our connection to our community by offering opportunities to high-energy, talented people who support the SVP mission, can gain significant personal experience from their involvement, but who can’t otherwise meet the annual financial contribution. Fellowships fit our mission to develop philanthropy, improve our work with Investees, and benefit our community.

Fellowships are one-year renewable relationships. Fellowship opportunities are public, with a competitive application and interview process on a rolling schedule. The number of Fellowships depends on sponsoring Partners. A Fellowship involves required participation, but not a financial commitment to SVP, however a small contribution is suggested. We see a Fellowship as a stepping-stone to potential Partnership.

Fellows participate in as many SVP activities as they wish. They agree to a minimum five hours a month including some required activities and a variety of optional activities depending on interests.


Fellows are actively involved in SVP and may participate in as many SVP activities as they wish. Certain participation is required of Fellows, as indicated below.

Required for Fellows

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Please apply by filling out the form below. If you have questions please contact SVP here.

    SVP Fellows Application

    Basic Information




    Please answer the following 6 questions:

    1. Why do you want to be a part of SVP? What do you hope to learn?*

    2. What will you bring to SVP? What will other Partners learn from you?*

    3. In what ways could you add value to a volunteer team supporting the capacity of a local nonprofit?* (For example, expertise in volunteer management, marketing, accounting, strategic planning, community organizing, etc.)

    4. What volunteer, community and civic engagement experience have you had? What have you learned from it?*

    5. What are your core values and the values of those groups of which you are a part?*

    6. Are you able to commit at least five hours per month during your Fellowship?*

    Application Criteria

    Please check each box to indicate your qualification for SVP's Fellowship Program:

    I would not otherwise have the financial means to make the annual contribution ($1,200 is the minimum contribution).

    I am at least 21 years of age.

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