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Apply for a Collaborative Nonprofit Partnership with SVP!

Are you a nonprofit leader who is experiencing organizational growth or change? Do you want to work collaboratively to address your nonprofit's organizational or programmatic needs? Read More »

Partnering for Growth: A Q&A with Kinnect’s Shannon Deinhart

The nonprofit Kinnect was selected as an SVP Investee in 2019 and received comprehensive capacity-building support along with $45,000 in unrestricted grant funding over three years. During this time, Kinnect’s staff grew from 10 people to over 50 and its reach expanded from Northeast Ohio to the entire state. As the organization reaches the end of its SVP engagement, its Executive Director, Shannon Deinhart, took a moment to reflect back on the support and thought-partnership SVP Partners offered Kinnect as it moved through this transformation. Read More »

Giving Back. Looking Forward: Q&A with SVP Partner Kristen Summers

“It’s been really invigorating to be a part of the SVP ad hoc Equity Committee. You have to be vulnerable, which is a little scary at first, but it’s so freeing to feel safe and accepted while being your authentic self. And it is exciting to help push an organization forward with a great group of people who are as idealistic as I am! I am optimistic for the future of SVP and our community.” Read More »

Room to Reflect: SVP’s White Partner Reflection Groups

In January 2021, SVP Cleveland launched the first cohort of a white Partner reflection group, focused on white privilege, accumulated advantage, antiracism, and more. Since then, 20 Partners have participated. Emily Troia, our Manager of Partner Engagement and Communications, talks about her inspiration, experience, and hope in developing and leading these groups. Read More »

Six Nonprofits Shine at our FastPitch Showcase!

On December 7th, six nonprofit leaders shone at our FastPitch Showcase! Each leader was pitch perfect when they shared their organizations' missions and personal passion for what's possible! You can check out the participating organizations, donate to them, and learn more about SVP’s FastPitch program here. Read More »

Donate to the SVP Cleveland Equity & Education Fund

To date, our equity work has been funded through one-time donations and out of our general operating budget. Please consider supporting SVP as we work to transform our organization and ourselves—to become more just, equitable, and aware participants in our community. Read More »

SVP Recognized with Philanthropy Ohio’s DEI Award

We are honored that Philanthropy Ohio has awarded SVP Cleveland its 2021 Michael G. Shinn Award for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This journey is truly a collective effort, and we are grateful to all of those who continue to walk it with us. Read More »

Excitement, Success, and Inspiration: A Q&A with SVP Partner Liaison Cyndy Dunn

SVP is excited to go all in with our newest Investee, Birthing Beautiful Communities (BBC)! Helming this partnership is the brilliant duo, Jazmin Long (BBC’s executive director) and Cyndy Dunn (the newly minted SVP Partner liaison for the engagement). We sat down with Cyndy for a Q&A and talked excitement, success, and inspiration. Read More »

A Partnership is Born! SVP and Birthing Beautiful Communities Join in Two-year Funding and Capacity Building Partnership

SVP Cleveland and Birthing Beautiful Communities (BBC) have come together for a two-year engagement to further BBC’s impact serving Black birthing people and babies. SVP will offer organizational support to BBC through $30,000 in unrestricted grant funding and collaboration with our Partnership to build BBC’s capacity. Read More »

SVP Interviewed by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy: "Understanding Equity"

Our Manager of Partner Engagement and Communications, Emily Troia, talked with the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) about how NCRP's Power Moves influenced her personal understanding of power & privilege in philanthropy as well as SVP's journey. Read More »

SVP Interviewed by Giving Compass: "Lessons from A Five-Year (and Ongoing) Journey Toward Equity in Philanthropy"

“We’ve learned that we don't have all the answers....We're increasingly focused on collaborative engagements and an experience of mutual learning.” -- Abby Wesbrook. Our executive director, Abby, and our manager of Partner engagement and communications, Emily Troia, share about SVP Cleveland's ongoing equity journey, lessons we've learned so far, and where we're heading, on Giving Compass. Read More »

With Hope and Passion, SVP Partners Embrace 2021

“I truly believe 2021 will be a year of making connections and helping others like never before. There was hope and a renewed sense of purpose that was born from such a tumultuous 2020,” SVP Partner Holly Mueller shares. Holly and fellow Partners—Cyndy Dunn, Stephen Hayden, and Evan Ishida—are looking at 2021 with passion for the opportunities ahead! Read More »

Six SVP Investees Share What’s Exciting in 2021

Six current and emeritus SVP Investees are brimming with enthusiasm for 2021—including new programs, new partnerships, and even new headquarters! This year holds a lot in store for Family Connections, Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank, Kinnect, Progressive Arts Alliance, University Settlement, and Youth Opportunities Unlimited. But we won’t steal their thunder. Read what they have to say! Read More »

Investment Reimagined Transforms Vision into Reality: Q&A with Co-Leads Dick Cahoon and Tara Schmitt

SVP Partners Dick Cahoon and Tara Schmitt did an amazing job co-leading Partner workgroups through Investment Reimagined—the final stage of SVP applying an equity lens to reenvision how we engage with nonprofits. The results? Our updated traditional investment cycle and new opportunities for small and start-up nonprofits to partner with us! We asked Dick and Tara to reflect on where we’ve come from and where we’re heading. Read More »

Welcome to Our New Executive Director, Abby Westbrook!

Drawn to SVP's commitment to engaged philanthropy and the Cleveland community, Westbrook hopes to deepen the organization’s commitment to equity through individual and collective education, reflection, and action. Read More »

Farewell to Former Executive Director Hilary Sparks-Roberts

Though May 30th was Hilary Sparks-Roberts’s last day as executive director of SVP Cleveland, it does not mark the end of the positive impact she has had on our Partners, staff, Investees, and community. Testament to this impact are the teary-eyed farewells given by Partners and staff in Hilary’s sendoff video. Read More »

SVP Cleveland's Statement to the Community

For almost two decades, the drive to make the world a better place has fueled SVP. However, our understanding of how we—SVP’s Partners, board and staff—approach this work has evolved over time. The events of the past days, weeks, and months are just the latest reminder of the systemic racism that permeate all aspects of our society. They are also testament to the fact that our evolution must be swifter, deeper, and all encompassing. We can—and must—do better. Read More »

SVP launches new site to support nonprofits impacted by COVID-19!

We are excited to announce WeCareForCLE.org – a new website to help Northeast Ohio’s social sector respond to and recover from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. Read More »

Pitches with a Purpose: Fast Pitch Presenters Inspire at SVP's bigBANG!

Flowers. Foster kids. Flying & floating. Fashion & flow. The nonprofits participating in bigBANG! 2020, SVP’s Fast Pitch competition, all put the F in Flair and get an A+ for missions impacting Northeast Ohio! Read More »

PHASTAR wins bigBANG! 2020, SVP's Showcase of Social Change and Innovation

bigBANG! provides a forum for Northeast Ohio nonprofits to pitch their socially innovative work and recruit volunteers and donors. Read More »

Moments of Silence. Moments of Hope. A Glimpse into Cleveland’s Human Trafficking Court

I am sitting in a small courtroom in downtown Cleveland next to Tenisha Gant-Watson, Executive Director of Jordan Community Resource Center. Unlike any other court I’d seen in real life or on TV, the room is filled with women. Everyone is visiting and chatting among themselves, cracking jokes and catching up. Some are clean and sober, others seem to be high.  Some are with guards in special pews and wearing gray jail scrubs, not the ‘Orange is the New Black’ outfits my stereotype led me to expect. Read More »

Stable Growth: Kinnect’s Expansion Increases Stability to Ohio’s Children in Foster Care and Their Kin

SVP Investee, Kinnect, is embracing change. Kinnect began their mission as a regional approach to identifying individuals whom a foster child considers their “kin” and involving these kin to create stability and permanency for that child. Recently, that mission expanded statewide. And SVP Partners have jumped in wholeheartedly to support our newest Investee’s growth. Read More »

Dr. Gail Christopher Presents "Rx Racial Healing: A Path Toward Equitable Opportunity and Outcomes for All"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zimHtTia1ec National equity expert and Glenville native, Dr. Gail Christopher [...] Read More »

From Crisis to Kin: SVP Investee Kinnect Helps Children in Foster Care Find Permanency and Stability

Who are your kin? For a child in foster care, this straightforward question is anything but simple. SVP’s newly-selected Investee, Kinnect, recognizes the importance of kin to children who are temporarily separated from their families. Kinnect honors the fact that “each of us relies on a network of chosen family—blood relatives, close friends, and other loved ones—who support us physically, emotionally, and financially.” Read More »

A Ticket to Self-Discovery: Effective Leadership Academy Helps Youth Launch Successful Life Journeys

The demands and distractions many children face in today’s world do not leave much room for a “journey of self-discovery.” That’s where SVP’s time-only Investee Effective Leadership Academy (ELA) comes in; its programs serve as a veritable life-skill travel agency aiding students in their voyage of personal growth. Read More »

Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank: Volumes of Appreciation for Those Who Share Their Time

As an organization, it takes a lot of volunteers to fulfill Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank’s mission of fostering improved literacy and a love of reading by providing free books to children in need. In fact, 6,000 people have volunteered with the Kids’ Book Bank (KBB) in just over three years. These volunteers played a crucial role as KBB partnered with more than 900 organizations who helped distribute two million books to children in low-income families throughout Northeast Ohio. Read More »

SVP selects Kinnect to be next Investee

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Cleveland, the philanthropic venture fund that supports and partners with nonprofit organizations in Northeast Ohio, has awarded its seventeenth multi-year grant to its newest Investee—Kinnect. Having selected Kinnect from a pool of 52 local nonprofit applicants, SVP will offer Kinnect an initial $15,000 unrestricted grant as well as tailored consulting, pinpointed through a collaborative relationship. The consulting is provided by SVP volunteers with a range of nonprofit-management expertise and a passion to engage with nonprofits making an impact in the community. Read More »

The Measure of Success: Following the Process, Recognizing the Progress, Focusing on the Potential

“Impact is one area where SVP needs to continue to evolve.…It’s where we’re going to go, who we’re going to be,” shares SVP Partner Pete Punwani, reflecting on why he chose to not only participate in SVP’s Real-Time Strategic Planning (RTSP) process but also to become one of its Impact Subteam co-leads. “Impact” was one of three overarching areas of focus that came out of the initial stages of SVP’s RTSP process, which began at the 2017 Fall Partner Meeting... Read More »

From Near Death to Thriving: A Case Study of Open Doors Academy’s Revival and Relationship with Social Venture Partners

Open Doors Academy (ODA) was founded out of a church basement in 2002 to provide after-school enrichment programs for at-risk youth. But the real underlying motivation was to help these families break the cycle of poverty. Like most start-ups—for-profit and nonprofit alike—ODA experienced more than its share of both highs and lows in its early years... Read More »

Collaborative Problem Solving and Lively Discussions Highlight the “Great Boards and Valuable Board Members" Educational Workshop

SVP Partners and representatives from other nonprofits gathered at the Midtown TechHive on October 23rd for the “Great Boards and Valuable Board Members” educational workshop. The workshop was masterfully facilitated by David Wittkowsky, who is a former SVP Executive Director, current SVP Partner, and Vice President and Compliance Officer for Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio. David’s extensive experience working with boards and working on boards was clearly on display as he led the attendees in lively discussion and collaborative problem-solving Read More »