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SVP International

​​These organizations are fighting to tackle some of our community’s most pressing issues. SVP is honored to be their supporter.

Information and data about each engagement is available through the links below.

Birthing Beautiful Communities

Birthing Beautiful Communities (BBC) works to reduce Black infant mortality in Cleveland. With their collective of Black birth-workers and doulas, BBC provides full support services to people at a highest risk for infant death from the time they are 12 weeks pregnant until their child is one year old. Read More »


Kinnect develops partnerships that transform beliefs, values, and actions to acheive permanency for all children in the shortest time possible. They believe that childhood is a fundamental human right and that every day for a child in foster care is a day in crisis. They envision a world where families, agencies, resources – and children – work together so that every child is loved and nurtured in a permanent chosen family. Read More »

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SVP is honored to have worked with these local nonprofits since 2001.

Adoption Network Cleveland

Adoption Network Cleveland (ANC) supports anyone touched by adoption – adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents, foster youth and alumni, foster parents, and professionals. ANC recognizes adoption as a lifelong journey. ANC connects and empowers individuals, organizations and communities impacted by adoption and foster care, provides healing for those in need. Read More »


E CITY (Entrepreneurship: Connecting, Inspiring & Teaching Youth) teaches entrepreneurship to low-income young people by improving their academic, business, technology and life skills so that they can become economically productive members of society and break the cycle of poverty. In January 2011, E CITY merged with Youth Opportunities Unlimited. Read More »

EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute

EDWINS transforms lives by providing a six-month education in culinary arts and hospitality at no cost to citizens returning to society from prison. Through its “Industrial French” restaurant in Shaker Square, Ohio, students are immersed in all aspects of a restaurant’s operations. EDWINS helps shape the understanding of food one day, one person, one city at a time. Read More »

Effective Leadership Academy

Effective Leadership Academy uses a research-based model to provide authentic, experiential and interactive learning experiences for young people to develop the soft skills they need for long-term achievement. ELA offers several training models that are designed to stack on the effectiveness and strength of the others. Read More »

EmPower U | A Project of the VNA

The VNA provides compassionate, innovative and effective community-based home healthcare that promotes the health, independence and dignity of those we serve throughout Northeast and Central Ohio. Read More »

Famicos Foundation

Famicos Foundation is a community development corporation that improves the physical and social landscape of neighborhoods through real estate development, community organizing, programs, and services. Famicos provides programs in youth development, education, literacy, and technology and ongoing emergency services that help people stay in their homes. Read More »

Family Connections

Family Connections provides quality early childhood education serving children of all abilities and backgrounds to encourage and support families raising young children. Read More »

HFLA of Northeast Ohio

HFLA of Northeast Ohio is the only interest-free lender supporting all Northeast Ohioans who have a genuine need and an ability to repay. They help people overcome financial hurdles, pursue education, and contribute to the economic development of our community. With over a 97+% repayment rate, the funds that the community invests in HFLA are recycled again and again, solving problems for generations with a single investment. Read More »

Home Repair Resource Center

Home Repair Resource Center empowers homeowners to maintain their homes for sustainable and diverse communities. Home Repair Resource Center’s mission is accomplished through a creative mix of self-help programs that include financial assistance, education and skills training to enable homeowners — particularly homeowners of low or moderate income — to accomplish repairs on a contracted or do-self basis. Read More »

Jordan Community Resource Center

Jordan Community Resource Center provides transformative and supportive services to women in crisis. Through collaborations with community, and faith-based organizations, they offer a full range of cultural and social support programs in order to strengthen families and communities. Read More »

Kids' Book Bank

Kids' Book Bank fosters improved literacy and a love of reading by providing free books to children in need through collaboration with community partners. Their goal is to break the poverty cycle by exposing low-income children to language and reading from birth – fostering literacy skills, opening their minds to the world beyond their neighborhood and fueling their imaginations. Read More »


Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential (LEAP) is an agent of positive change, working to advance participation and equality in society for people with disabilities in Northeast Ohio. Founded more than 30 years ago by people with disabilities, LEAP serves over 1,700 individuals annually, and works to promote social change to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities. The majority of staff and board members are people with disabilities themselves. Read More »

Magnolia Clubhouse

Magnolia Clubhouse, a center of psychiatric rehabilitation for people who experience mental illness, is operated by a unique partnership between members and staff. At the heart of the Clubhouse model is the Clubhouse community and the belief that meaningful work and relationships are rehabilitative. Read More »

MedWish International

MedWish repurposes medical supplies and equipment discarded by the healthcare industry to provide humanitarian aid in developing countries to save lives and to reduce waste to save our environment. Read More »

Merrick House

Merrick House is a community center in the settlement house tradition that serves the Brooklyn Centre, Clark Fulton, Stockyards, and Tremont neighborhoods by providing programs and engaging in community building and advocacy to empower individuals, families, and neighborhoods. Merrick House has served Tremont and the surrounding communities for more than 90 years. In the settlement house tradition, they have a rich history of providing programs and services to the community in areas such as child care, youth services, and adult education. Read More »

Near West Theatre

Near West Theatre provides youth of Cleveland’s Near West Side with an alternative to drugs, violence and vandalism by involving them in the theater arts. Children, youth and adults participate in Near West Theatre’s productions, acquiring performance and technical training. Read More »

New Agrarian Center

New Agrarian Center helps to build healthy, sustainable & equitable communities and local food systems through two key programs: City Fresh and the George Jones Farm. NAC’s vision is to build a vibrant network that links the local foods movement with social justice, economic development, and environmental stewardship. Read More »

Open Doors Academy

Open Doors Academy protects, inspires, nurtures, and challenges adolescents to reach their full potential by providing meaningful out-of-school enrichment programs in a safe and structured environment. Read More »

Progressive Arts Alliance

Progressive Arts Alliance inspires students to reach their full potential by providing unique and relevant learning experiences using contemporary arts and 21st-century media. Read More »

Seeds of Literacy

Seeds of Literacy provides personal education that empowers adults to succeed in their communities. Seeds of Literacy is an adult literacy program providing basic education and GED® preparation free of charge to people in the Cleveland, Ohio area. A unique curriculum and one-on-one tutoring offer maximum learning by building relationships of trust between the student and the tutor. They bring people of diverse race and ethnic backgrounds together to help break a root cause of poverty - illiteracy. Read More »

The Intergenerational School

The Intergenerational School enables children to learn in a timeframe and manner that suits their individual capabilities. Age is not the single, most important factor in organizing the educational environment and experiences. Students learn and thrive in flexible multi-age classes based on developmental needs. They learn in their own way and at their own pace for an individually tailored experience. Read More »

University Settlement

University Settlement is a neighborhood center that provides social services to residents of the Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood in southeast Cleveland. Headquartered at 4800 Broadway Avenue, the agency operates three facilities and hosts 10 major programs that serve children, families, and seniors. The mission of University Settlement is to offer the individuals and families we serve the resources by which they can learn, grow, and thrive. Read More »

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Y.O.U. empowers youth to succeed in school, in the workplace, and in life. Academic success and career success are the most direct and cost-effective route for teens to escape the cycle of poverty. All Y.O.U. programs focus on empowering teens to succeed. Read More »

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Home Repair Resource Center | Tools for Growth

HRRC ED Ben and SVP Lead Partner, Evan Ishida, got to work right away setting forth “sprints” or goals they hoped to achieve during the partnership. The first project—accomplished through several meetings with Ben, Evan, HRRC Board Members, a host of SVP Partners, and hundreds of post-it notes—resulted in a new pricing structure necessary to keep certain programs which had been at risk due to financial uncertainty. As a result of those working sessions, HRRC saw a 300% increase in revenue in our Project Repair and Tool Library programs Read More »

EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute | bigBANG! 2013 Sparked Pathway to Success

I had been cultivating the idea for EDWINS since 2004, but by 2013 it was a fully-formed vision – at least to me, and the significant number of supporters and volunteers who were giving hope to the men inside of Grafton Correctional Instruction by providing skills-based education and a community after release. Read More »

MedWish International | Growing Strategically

MedWish International has benefited significantly from its engagement with the Social Venture Partnership during 2012. Two significant challenges arose this year: the resignation of our executive director, and the growing need for an inventory management system to better track items in our 40,000 square-foot warehouse. Through our partnership with SVP, we were able to leverage these challenges to better position our organization to grow strategically and broaden our impact both locally and globally... Read More »

Adoption Network Cleveland | A Critical Investment

When Social Venture Partners selected Adoption Network Cleveland as an investee in 2007, the organization had just completed a three-year start up period as lead agency for the Adopt Cuyahoga’s Kids Initiative. The Initiative addressed a crisis in the public child welfare system in Cuyahoga County, where there were 1,700 children and youth waiting for adoption in 2002. Read More »

Progressive Arts Alliance | A Valuable Learning Experience

Over the past year, the biggest impact our SVP grant has made on PAA has been the opportunity for our young organization to establish and formalize the development function of our activities through the hiring of Ginny Suhr as our Development Manager. By creating a Development Manager position, we have increased the number of donors, foundations, and corporations who support our activities... Read More »

Family Connections | Small Steps to Big Impact

We began our venture by requesting assistance in the two main areas of Information Technology and Marketing. With an awareness that we cannot address both concurrently, we determined that our first priority would be to clarify people’s perceptions of our organization. There was considerable confusion about our identity, which resulted in significant barriers to program participation and funding. With initial funding from the O’Neill Foundation and subsequent support from SVP, we contracted with a marketing firm to uncover these perceptions and recommend a new brand identity that would clarify our purpose... Read More »

Famicos Foundation | Catapult to a New Level

During the past 12 months working with SVP, the most significant changes have been in the areas of fund development and CEO/ED mentoring. Beginning with an updated donor mailing list to the purchase of database software, Famicos staff has learned firsthand the importance of having proper information regarding current, past, and potential donors. As a result, our staff is better equipped for developing fundraising strategies. Also, because of the one-on-one fund development work with the partners, we have prepared several successful proposals. The work we are doing with Heather Sherwin and Charlene Hyle is extremely significant in that it poises Famicos to catapult to a level in fund development that is unheard of in the CDC industry in Cleveland... Read More »

E City | A Spirit of Generosity and Celebration

SVP volunteers gave considerable time in planning meetings and in hands-on activities to help us evaluate and modify our annual awareness breakfast. They encouraged us to see its “power” in reaching people on an emotional level, and they encouraged us to see that we could use that event to raise a significant amount of money. We had been afraid of making that transition, from a “feel good” event to one at which we ask for donations. The outside perspective of SVP volunteers was invaluable... Read More »

Youth Opportunities Unlimited | Change We Needed

Now that some time has gone by since we worked with SVP, I can really appreciate that the most important impact the organization had on us had to do with improving our human resources management. At the time of our engagement, we said we wanted to meet the needs of employers, use more volunteers, and by doing that we would build capacity. We thought we were in for brainstorming meetings with lots of new ideas. However, the SVP volunteers began by taking me and a few of our staff through a two hour in-depth evaluation of our staff abilities and how the organization operates... Read More »

Near West Theatre | SVP Saved My Life

It was in November, 2002 when our board consultant Thomas Mulready—now known for his work with Cool Cleveland—looked me in the eye having worked with me for 4 months and said, “Stephanie you need to get a vision for yourself.” I took those words to heart, deeply disturbed at the implication of Thomas’ advice and perspective... Read More »

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