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Progressive Arts Alliance | A Valuable Learning Experience

Posted by cleveland

June 25, 2010

Author: Santina Protopapa, Executive Director, Progressive Arts Alliance

Over the past year, the biggest impact our SVP grant has made on PAA has been the opportunity for our young organization to establish and formalize the development function of our activities through the hiring of Ginny Suhr as our Development Manager. By creating a Development Manager position, we have increased the number of donors, foundations, and corporations who support our activities. It has also enabled us to have better and more regular communication with our donors. In addition, the hiring of a Development Manager has given me more opportunities to forge additional partnerships in our community due to increased time in my schedule as a result of not being solely responsible for all of the development activities of our organization.

Working closely with Sonni Senkfor has been a tremendous and valuable learning experience for both me and Progressive Arts Alliance over the past year. I am sincerely looking forward to the upcoming year with Sonni as I continue to grow as a leader and Sonni helps guide the Progressive Arts Alliance team in strengthening our infrastructure.

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