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MedWish International | Growing Strategically

Posted by cleveland

August 17, 2012

Author: MedWish International Staff

MedWish International has benefited significantly from its engagement with the Social Venture Partnership during 2012. Two significant challenges arose this year: the resignation of our executive director, and the growing need for an inventory management system to better track items in our 40,000 square-foot warehouse. Through our partnership with SVP, we were able to leverage these challenges to better position our organization to grow strategically and broaden our impact both locally and globally.

Former executive director Tish Dahlby announced her anticipated departure in late 2011, and the search for a qualified executive director ensued. With significant technical and financial support from SVP, we successfully hired Josh Kravitz as our new executive director in March 2012 – a feat that would not have been possible without the financial support to conduct a national search. Josh joined MedWish after having served in senior leadership at a large Atlanta-based peer organization, MedShare. The transition has gone smoothly, much to SVP’s Dick Cahoon’s credit, as he has been a key partner in orienting Josh to a new city and making introductions with key leaders and potential partners. The organization continues to reach monthly benchmarks in operational and fundraising goals set forth at the beginning of the year by the board of directors. With Josh’s leadership, MedWish will soon embark on a strategic planning initiative to guide organizational objectives for the coming years.

The second significant milestone that SVP has helped us achieve is the vetting of various inventory management systems to improve efficiency and to prepare us for our first full financial audit next year. This process began with a Request for Proposal developed with significant assistance from Dealer Tire experts, with whom SVP connected MedWish. Once we received proposals, SVP used its business expertise to help us narrow down selections from 10 vendors, and we have just received approval from our board of directors to move forward with implementation. We are moving forward to create a groundbreaking inventory system that will put us technologically ahead of larger Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations with more resources. This added efficiency will have tremendous impact on our ability to move more surplus, save more lives and grow our reach.

We are truly grateful for the financial and technical support afforded to our organization by the Social Venture Partnership. While we are proud of our grassroots beginnings, we recognize the opportunity for significant growth to address an even more significant global need for our services. We believe that MedWish is capable of making Cleveland not only the headquarters for world-class health care, but also for world-class humanitarian aid. Once again, we thank you for your support.

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