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Famicos Foundation | Catapult to a New Level

Posted by cleveland

August 27, 2008

Author: John Anoliefo, Executive Director, Famicos Foundation

During the past 12 months working with SVP, the most significant changes have been in the areas of fund development and CEO/ED mentoring. Beginning with an updated donor mailing list to the purchase of database software, Famicos staff has learned firsthand the importance of having proper information regarding current, past, and potential donors. As a result, our staff is better equipped for developing fundraising strategies. Also, because of the one-on-one fund development work with the partners, we have prepared several successful proposals. The work we are doing with Heather Sherwin and Charlene Hyle is extremely significant in that it poises Famicos to catapult to a level in fund development that is unheard of in the CDC industry in Cleveland. In preparing for our take-off in professional fund development, we have a new logo, new tag line – a new brand – and are preparing to bring a fund development director on board.

The other area of significant change is the CEO/ED mentoring with Marcia Levine. Suffice it to say, Ms. Levine has an incredible amount of organizational management experience, making it possible for her to discuss issues affecting Famicos from a holistic approach. Ms. Levine has provided guidance on staff supervision, board development, and personal development as a suggestion, without forcing her views. The advice she has provided has allowed me the ability to deal with the board and staff more effectively thereby minimizing areas of conflicts. While there is a lot of work yet to be done in this area, Ms. Levine underscores the need to march with caution and not rush things, yet bears in mind that change is imminent.

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