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A Future Focused on Health for All: Q&A with SVP Fellow Nadet Najjar

Posted by cleveland

How did you discover SVP Cleveland?
I discovered SVP Cleveland through Dominique Litmaath. I had the privilege of working with her, and she mentioned a great opportunity to be part of an organization passionate about making a difference in other’s lives and in the community.

How has your involvement with SVP affected you? 
My time in SVP thus far has shown me a lot about certain issues that affect our community, and also the potential an organization can have to help others. I have especially been impressed by SVP’s unique design, and how it can also mold itself to have an even greater reach to its applicants. I leave every SVP gathering inspired and with a warm heart. The genuineness of SVP’s members and outside organizations we work with has shown to be contagious.

 What social issues are you most passionate about?
Being from Cleveland—with all its diversity—something I am truly passionate about is fostering equality amongst people no matter their background. I am especially interested in equal access to quality healthcare.

What role do you think philanthropy can play in bringing about social change?
I believe philanthropy is a perfect medium to bring about social change. Philanthropy is a means of connecting people and spreading ideas, catalysts to social change.

What makes Cleveland special?
Cleveland is full of hidden gems. I’ve recently been able to travel to a couple major cities, which has allowed me to really appreciate what makes Cleveland special. Our downtown is small, full of heart, and a beautiful sight.

What is something you love to do in Cleveland? 
My favorite thing about Cleveland is the Theatre District, Severance Hall, and the Cleveland Museum of Art. There’s always a new coffee shop in the area I am excited to try. Ohio City is such a great preservation of Cleveland history, and its additions are also exciting. On the other side of Cleveland, having Coventry and Little Italy as options to visit makes going to school in Cleveland rare of a dull moment.

Besides SVP, in what other ways are you involved in the Cleveland area?
Other than SVP, I stay involved in the Cleveland area through my school program at Northeast Ohio Medical University in which we focus on urban health, preventative health, and serving the under-served.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years, I hope to be somewhere in the world where doctors are needed and helping the people there. This could be in Cleveland or anywhere around the world. I want Cleveland to be my forever home but have a chance to live elsewhere for a few years after I finish school. I hope to have an idea of what social issue I’d like to adopt as my goal to help solve and dedicate myself.

What book is currently on your bedside table?
A book I am currently reading is The Glass Castle. I recently met one of my first cousins in New York for the first time, and she suggested it to me. I see it as a nice way to stay connected as we continue our goals and aspirations at a distance from one another.

What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is apples. I always have a good day if I start it with an apple, and I can seldom stop at just one.