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Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Y.O.U. empowers youth to succeed in school, in the workplace, and in life.

Academic success and career success are the most direct and cost-effective route for teens to escape the cycle of poverty. All Y.O.U. programs focus on empowering teens to succeed.

Executive Director: Carol Rivchun

SVP Lead Partner: Mary Bright

Years of Engagement: 2002–2005

SVP Impact

  Unrestricted Grants      $ 120,000  
  Volunteer Hours      625  

Capacity Building Areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Volunteer Management
  • Database Management
  • Fundraising
  • Scaling

Youth Opportunities Unlimited | Change We Needed

Now that some time has gone by since we worked with SVP, I can really appreciate that the most important impact the organization had on us had to do with improving our human resources management. At the time of our engagement, we said we wanted to meet the needs of employers, use more volunteers, and by doing that we would build capacity. We thought we were in for brainstorming meetings with lots of new ideas. However, the SVP volunteers began by taking me and a few of our staff through a two hour in-depth evaluation of our staff abilities and how the organization operates... Read More »

Six SVP Investees Share What’s Exciting in 2021

Six current and emeritus SVP Investees are brimming with enthusiasm for 2021—including new programs, new partnerships, and even new headquarters! This year holds a lot in store for Family Connections, Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank, Kinnect, Progressive Arts Alliance, University Settlement, and Youth Opportunities Unlimited. But we won’t steal their thunder. Read what they have to say! Read More »