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Rachel E. Costanzo

With over twenty years of financial services and management consulting experience, Rachel is an enterprising and highly accomplished executive with a proven track record of achievement in nonprofit thought leadership, human resource management, financial reporting and analysis, risk management, regulatory compliance, project management, and technology development. Director of The Acuity Group, Rachel executes innovative initiatives in order to ensure smooth operations throughout the organization, serves as an interim executive during leadership transitions, leads strong teams to assure the completion of strategic objectives, and ultimately helps others help others. Committed to excellence, Rachel facilitates long-term success through capacity assessment, planning, and operational start up. A results-oriented, curious achiever, Rachel gets things done with acuity—sharpness, keenness, and intensity of vision. A lifelong Cleveland resident, Rachel is an alumna of the Weatherhead School of Management. She has also served as a board member, advisor, and coach to countless organizations and individuals in her quest to contribute to a greater Cleveland. Rachel loves travel, food, and wine and is an appreciator of creative expression in all its forms.