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Progressive Arts Alliance

Progressive Arts Alliance inspires students to reach their full potential by providing unique and relevant learning experiences using contemporary arts and 21st-century media.

Executive Director: Santina Protopapa

SVP Lead Partners: Chann Fowler-Spellman and Sonni Senkfor

Years of Engagement: 2008–2012

SVP Impact

  Unrestricted Grants      $ 60,000  
  Volunteer Hours      242  

Capacity Building Areas:

  • Fund Development
  • Financial management
  • Board Governance
  • Human Resources

Progressive Arts Alliance | A Valuable Learning Experience

Over the past year, the biggest impact our SVP grant has made on PAA has been the opportunity for our young organization to establish and formalize the development function of our activities through the hiring of Ginny Suhr as our Development Manager. By creating a Development Manager position, we have increased the number of donors, foundations, and corporations who support our activities... Read More »

Six SVP Investees Share What’s Exciting in 2021

Six current and emeritus SVP Investees are brimming with enthusiasm for 2021—including new programs, new partnerships, and even new headquarters! This year holds a lot in store for Family Connections, Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank, Kinnect, Progressive Arts Alliance, University Settlement, and Youth Opportunities Unlimited. But we won’t steal their thunder. Read what they have to say! Read More »

The Rhythm and Rhyme of Good: Hip-Hop’s Lessons Inspire

The music throbbed in the lobby of MOCA Cleveland. It collided with the angled walls, high ceilings, and cement floor. It enthralled—a siren call to mimic the engulfing rhythm. But three children sat calmly on the floor stretching in slow, deliberate motions. They were preparing for breakdancing lessons–one of the four facets of hip-hop they’re studying. Without realizing it, these students were showcasing personal discipline and focus—two of the many skills Progressive Arts Alliance’s Community Hip-Hop Camps foster. Read More »

Commemoration: Amplifying Impact with Progressive Arts Alliance

Social Venture Partners (SVP) is excited to commemorate its three-year relationship with Progressive Arts Alliance (PAA). After vetting PAA, the social investors in SVP realized that this was an organization where there could be a mutually beneficial relationship. Among SVP’s many aggregated talents, some of the specific kinds of expertise included leadership development, fund development, board development & governance, financial management, and information technology. These skills were exactly what PAA needed! The ideal situation emerged: SVP’s partners could use their talents for a cause they believed in while creating reciprocal relationships to achieve social change, and PAA could begin capitalizing on volunteer consulting services to raise funds, develop cash-flow projections, create efficiencies, and develop structure for their board... Read More »

Progressive Arts Alliance: Wish List

Progressive Arts Alliance has been busy serving over 1000 students per week in Cleveland this fall. They are currently the Artists in Residence at the new Citizen's Leadership Academy (the most recent projects involve architectural concepts/drawings, print making, and documentary filmmaking). They are also continuing their work with Orchard and Carver Schools as well as after-school programming. The following items are needed to help further PAA's mission and to enhance each of its educational programs... Read More »