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New Agrarian Center

SVP Engagement Overview

New Agrarian Center helps to build healthy, sustainable & equitable communities and local food systems through two key programs: City Fresh and the George Jones Farm. City Fresh provides naturally-grown, local produce at weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Fresh Stops in Cuyahoga and Lorain counties. City Fresh meets the needs of both urban and rural communities by improving access to fresh, locally-grown food for urban residents and increasing marketing opportunities in the city for local farmers. Shares have two prices to accommodate low-income shareholders. The George Jones Farm is a 70-acre research farm and nature preserve inspired by permaculture. NAC’s vision is to build a vibrant network that links the local foods movement with social justice, economic development, and environmental stewardship.

Executive Director: Nick Swetye

Lead Partner: Jim Vail

First engagement year: 2014

Total SVP Impact as of 12/31/2016

  Value of volunteer hours from partners and friends   $24,750
  SVP direct financial contributions (grants awarded)   $ 45,000
  Indirect contributions because of introduction by SVP  $ 33,425
  Projected operational impact from SVP-supported projects/initiatives     TBD
SVP grant was leveraged 229%   $ 103,175 


Strengthening New Agrarian Center


  • Program Evaluation
  • Fundraising Strategy/Fund Development
  • Marketing/Outreach/Communications
  • Customer Retention
  • Board Development

Results and Accomplishments:

  • Completed Organization Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT).
  • Strategized basic program evaluation processes for 2014 season. After collection, analyzed data and made recommendations for improvements.
  • Set fundraising and cashflow goals after reviewing current tactics.
  • Developed marketing outline for three different groups/services: (1) low-income neighborhoods, (2) middle/upper-income neighborhoods, and (3) George Jones Farm programming.
  • Created a cohesive marketing plan utilizing the three different outlines. The plan was implemented in 2015.
  • Advised board members on best practices and processes to seek new members in an advisory team session.
  • Generated a new board member onboarding packet.
  • Reviewed current Cuyahoga funders and identified additional opportunities.
  • Created communications plan.
  • Trained board in fundraising/their role in fund development.
  • Provided board chair executive coaching.

Volunteer Partners of SVP

Volunteer Team: Jim Vail (Lead), Dick Cahoon, Roslyn Chao, Karen Kidwell, Debbie Vail

Advisory Team: Jackie Adams, Bishara Addison, Ann Affolter, Ann Marie Bergman, Jill Bernaciak, Gayle Boyer, Ariella Brown, Kay Carlson, Roslyn Chao, Nico Cottone, Eva D’Intino, Diane Farr, Nancy Hancock Griffith, James Hailey, Ann Marie Halal, Jeera Hayden, Stephen Hayden, Joe Kneale, Cil Knutsen, Hermione Malone, Laura Malone, Carrie Miller, Ann Newman, Michael Obi, Ryan Ouellette, Gargi Patel, Carol Paull, Megan Quinn, Beth Sersig, Trevor Shaw, Jeff Sobieraj, Mike Sparks, Stacey Stingley, Avi Taheri, Debbie Vail, Jim Vail, Meghan Wolfe, Diana Woodbridge, Diana Yang