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Michael Lepore

Michael is a Cleveland native and M&A professional. He is a corporate development analyst at Chart Industries where he performs financial analysis and research for potential acquisitions and strategic initiatives, as well as assisting in the strategic planning process. Michael was previously in the Transaction Advisory Services group with Ernst & Young. He holds a BS in Business Administration from The Ohio State University and is a CPA and CFA® charterholder.

Michael lives on the west bank of the Flats.

Partner Q&A

Why did you join SVP?
I joined SVP because of the venture capital model whereby I can vet potential investees and work with them to scale their organizations to maximize their impact. Having a voice on where my contribution goes and being able to leverage that gift with targeted consulting is a unique attribute of the Partnership.The opportunity to collaborate with such passionate and talented people has been a truly enriching experience.

What social issue are you most passionate about?
Education and its self-improvement derivatives are very important to me. Helping people contribute to and be more effective in the economy is a powerful cycle that enables more people to give back. I get excited thinking about all the great things going on with EDWINS, where people are getting a second chance and earning necessary tools for a rewarding career.

What makes Cleveland special?
The people make Cleveland special. We are incredibly hard working, determined and passionate, but we have this unheralded educated and artistic side as well. In my travels, I have found the city to have a very unique population that is sincerely interested in making Cleveland a better place.

If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?
I would be Batman. He has impressive hand-to-hand combat skills and some great accessories. I would also get to be Bruce Wayne, which I wouldn’t hate.