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Jill Bernaciak

Jill Bernaciak is an experienced corporate innovation leader, social entrepreneur, and consultant and proponent of transformational and adaptive leadership theories. She is currently a doctoral candidate in education from Bowling Green University and working on her dissertation which focuses on the relationship of business categories with social impact achievements. She has an MBA in Marketing from Cleveland State University, a graduate certificate in College Counseling from UCLA, and a global career development facilitator certification from the National Association of Career Development.

Prior to her doctoral work, she was an instructor in the Entrepreneurship minor at John Carroll University and was one of the Burton D. Morgan Fellows who developed courses in Creativity and Idea Development, Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, and Marketing and Sales for Entrepreneurs.

While a visiting professor in the Boler School of Business at John Carroll, Jill taught courses in Internet Marketing, Advertising, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Principles, Consumer Behavior, Business Communications and Marketing Management.

Since 2001, Jill has been a social entrepreneur with a career coaching practice that specializes in emerging leadership. As a moderator for Harvard Business Publishing’s Leadership Direct program, Jill helps senior and high-potential leaders develop and improve their general management capabilities. In private consulting, she has worked with Juniper Networks, Cardinal Brands, Gerson-Lehman Group, Bain & Company, Goldman Sachs Principal Strategies Asia, and a variety of educational publishers, including Dr. Sylvia Rimm (New York Times best-selling author specializing in development and learning), Publications International, Creative Teaching Press, Twin Sisters Productions, and Woongjin.

From 1993-2002, as a marketing intra-preneur at American Greetings Corporation (AG), Jill was named to the top ten of the officer talent pool and championed startups in the publishing and direct marketing sectors, reporting directly to the C-suite and leading over 200 employees for these initiatives that exceeded $40 million in revenue. Also at AG, Jill directed three brand re-launches exceeding $250 million in revenue. She directed the $50 million international, subsidiary and enterprise management restructures. In a key management role for AG’s Product Management team, Jill won several professional awards for product innovation and distinguished marketing, as well as a gold album from the Recording Industry of American for sales of 250,000 children’s educational music CDs. Jill has also led product and brand development initiatives for Harcourt Publishing, Berkshire Hathaway (Kirby Generation $400 million Diamond G Ultimate product launch) and Fortune Brands (Moen’s $80 million Stage-Gate CFG brand and product launch).

Guest Blog: Partner Jill Bernaciak

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