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Home Repair Resource Center

Home Repair Resource Center empowers homeowners to maintain their homes for sustainable and diverse communities. Home Repair Resource Center’s mission is accomplished through a creative mix of self-help programs that include financial assistance, education, and skills training to enable homeowners — particularly homeowners of low or moderate income — to accomplish repairs on a contracted or do-self basis.

Executive Director: Keesha Allen (2016–Present)Ben Faller (2015)                     

SVP Lead Partner: Evan Ishida         

Years of Engagement: June 2015–June 2018                              

SVP Impact

  Unrestricted Grants      $ 45,000  
  Volunteer Hours      217 

Capacity Building Areas:

  • Board Governance & Development
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Executive Director Growth
  • Revenue Growth and Program Expansion
  • Fundraising

Home Repair Resource Center | Tools for Growth

HRRC ED Ben and SVP Lead Partner, Evan Ishida, got to work right away setting forth “sprints” or goals they hoped to achieve during the partnership. The first project—accomplished through several meetings with Ben, Evan, HRRC Board Members, a host of SVP Partners, and hundreds of post-it notes—resulted in a new pricing structure necessary to keep certain programs which had been at risk due to financial uncertainty. As a result of those working sessions, HRRC saw a 300% increase in revenue in our Project Repair and Tool Library programs Read More »

The Building Blocks of Growth: SVP Partners Bolster Investee Home Repair Resource Center’s Sustainability and Presence in the Community

This past year, SVP partnered with Home Repair Resource Center’s new Executive Director Keesha Allen as both she and the organization continued to grow in exciting ways. In the first year of SVP’s engagement with HRRC, SVP Partners helped HRRC revisit its pricing model and marketing strategy. New pricing and outreach efforts grew out of the feedback, and HRRC has seen a 300% increase in revenue over this past year. Read More »