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SVP International

EmPower U | A Project of the VNA

The VNA provides compassionate, innovative and effective community-based home healthcare that promotes the health, independence and dignity of those we serve throughout Northeast and Central Ohio.

Executive Director: Claire M. Zangerle                            

SVP Lead Partner: Mary Bright

First Engagement Year: 2013

Total SVP Impact as of 12/31/2014

Value of volunteer hours from partners and friends $   8,875
This is a time-only engagement with no grants awarded by SVP. Time Only
Indirect contributions because of introduction by SVP TBD
Projected operational impact from SVP-supported projects/initiatives 


Value of volunteering and donations: $  8,875 


Strengthening VNA


  • Marketing/Communications: create a strategy to market and sustain EmPower U
  • Community Collaborations: identify and negotiate partnerships required to sustain EmPower U
  • Earned Income/Program Design & Evaluation: establish a plan to create a Center of Excellence for EmPower U where it can be profitable, stable, and a leader in home health aide training to provide optimal patient care

Results and Accomplishments:

  • Organization Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) completed
  • The VNA Advisory Team met to hear an update on VNA’s background in developing Empower U and discuss areas where SVP might offer support.
  • Partners served as a marketing focus group.

Volunteer Partners of SVP

Volunteer Team: Mary Bright (Lead), Jon Englander, Gil Lowenthal

Advisory Team: Jackie Adams, Bishara Addison, Ann Marie Bergman, Jill Bernaciak, Mebby Brown, Kay Carlson, Roslyn Chao, Pam Conover, Anita Cook, Tom Cook, Nico Cottone, Eva D’Intino, Suzanne Doggett, Jon Englander, Chann Fowler-Spellman, Nancy Hancock Griffith, Mark Grossi, Evan Ishida, Shilpa Kedar, Joe Kneale, Cil Knutsen, Pat Leimkuehler, Gil Lowenthal, Hermione Malone, Ryan Ouellette, Gargi Patel. Beth Sersig, Jeff Sobieraj, Joan Soskin, Stacey Stingley, Heather Vallier