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Effective Leadership Academy

Effective Leadership Academy uses a research-based model to provide authentic, experiential and interactive learning experiences for young people to develop the soft skills they need for long-term achievement. ELA offers several training models that are designed to stack on the effectiveness and strength of the others.

Executive Director: Flo Brett
SVP Lead Partner: Jeff Allen
Engagement: June 2018–February 2019; July 2019–Present

This is a short-term, time-only engagement.

Total SVP Impact as of 12/31/2019

  Value of volunteer hours  $ 19,031
  SVP grants awarded  Time-Only
  Other donations because of SVP $ 500+
  Projected operational impact  TBD
  Value of volunteering and donations:    $ 19,531+ 


Strengthening Effective Leadership Academy
This is a short-term, time-only engagement.


  • Board Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Scaling
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Communications

Results and Accomplishments:

  • Educated a portion of the ELA board on a range of topics including governing practices, the life cycle of a board, and what makes for a successful board.
  • Strategized about candidates for the new board President in order to keep the best interest of the organization at the forefront of the board.
  • Developed and facilitated retreat for Board Members.
  • Completed a full review of the current board structure and recommended a new system.
  • Developed and facilitated retreat for staff.
  • A full review of the organizational hierarchy revealed a gap and placed heavy responsibilities on the retiring COO of ELA.
  • Financial Assessment of the most profitable program was performed showing that the “Camp” program was what the organization would solely focus on in 2019.
  • Developed a short-term saturation plan for Northeast Ohio.
  • Adjusted organizational structure and delegation of task to meet growing needs.
  • Focused resources on programs that serve the most students and improve the costs per student.
  • Transitioned from old model to newly defined model of program delivery.
  • Improved/clarified marketing materials and messaging.
  • Offered coaching support for new operations manager.
  • Established goals, assign responsibility, and define measurements.
  • Coached several staff members in telling the organization’s story in a fast pitch.