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EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute

EDWINS transforms lives by providing a six-month education in culinary arts and hospitality at no cost to citizens returning to society from prison. Through its “Industrial French” restaurant in Shaker Square, Ohio, students are immersed in all aspects of a restaurant’s operations. EDWINS helps shape the understanding of food one day, one person, one city at a time.

Executive Director: Brandon E. Chrostowski                             

 SVP Lead Partner: Joyce Shaw        

Years of Engagement: 2013-2016                                                           

Total SVP Impact as of 12/31/2015

 Value of volunteer hours from partners and friends   $ 52,500
 SVP direct financial contributions (grants awarded)   $ 45,000
 Indirect contributions because of introduction by SVP   $ 179,025
 Projected operational impact from SVP-supported projects/initiatives 


SVP grant was leveraged 585%   $ 276,525+  


Strengthening EDWINS


• Organizational Assessment & Business Plan
• Community Outreach (Marketing & Messaging)
• Outcomes Measurement
• Board Development
• Program Expansion
• Advocacy

Results and Accomplishments:

• Completed Organization Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT).
• Provided advice and strategies for the original business plan.
• Developed metrics to measure program impact.
• Hired a development director.
• Provided leadership development via Lead Partner/Mentor
• Provided speech coaching for the executive director
• Developed a board manual and best practices for board members.
• Analyzed data for outcomes measurement.
• Reviewed media press kit and developed strategies for both short-term and long-term marketing.

Volunteer Partners of SVP
Volunteer Team: Joyce Shaw (Lead), Jill Bernaciak, Mary Bright, Dick Cahoon, Roslyn Chao, Pam Conover, Desikan Gandarvakottai, Mark Grossi, Marcia Levine, Dominique Litmaath, Carol Lowenthal, Hermione Malone, Laura Malone, Carrie Miller, Ryan Ouellette, Kevin Shaw, Joan Soskin, Linda Springer, Avi Taheri, Doug Wang, Diana Woodbridge

Advisory Team: Jackie Adams, Ann Affolter, Reka Barabas, Ann Marie Bergman, Jill Bernaciak, Ariella Brown, Kay Carlson, Roslyn Chao, Pam Conover, Nico Cottone, Eva D’Intino, Suzanne Doggett, Jon Englander, Cindy Fink, Chann Fowler-Spellman, Nancy Hancock Griffith, Mark Grossi, James Hailey, Ann Marie Halal, Evan Ishida, Shilpa Kedar, Joe Kneale, Cil Knutsen, Michael Lepore, Marcia Levine, Carol Lowenthal, Hermione Malone, Laura Malone, Carrie Miller, Ann Newman, Michael Obi, Ryan Ouellette, Gargi Patel, Megan Quinn, Beth Sersig, Mike Shafarenko, Jeff Sobieraj, Avi Taheri, Heather Vallier, Alan Van Zeeland, Doug Wang, Holly Wang, Diana Woodbridge, Jill Zimon


EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute | bigBANG! 2013 Sparked Pathway to Success

I had been cultivating the idea for EDWINS since 2004, but by 2013 it was a fully-formed vision – at least to me, and the significant number of supporters and volunteers who were giving hope to the men inside of Grafton Correctional Instruction by providing skills-based education and a community after release. Read More »