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EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute

EDWINS transforms lives by providing a six-month education in culinary arts and hospitality at no cost to citizens returning to society from prison. Through its “Industrial French” restaurant in Shaker Square, Ohio, students are immersed in all aspects of a restaurant’s operations. EDWINS helps shape the understanding of food one day, one person, one city at a time.

Executive Director: Brandon E. Chrostowski                             

SVP Lead Partner: Joyce Shaw        

Years of Engagement: 2013–2016                                                           

SVP Impact

  Unrestricted Grants      $ 45,000  
  Volunteer Hours      555  

Capacity Building Areas:

• Organizational Assessment & Business Plan
• Community Outreach (Marketing & Messaging)
• Outcomes Measurement
• Board Development
• Program Expansion
• Advocacy


EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute | bigBANG! 2013 Sparked Pathway to Success

I had been cultivating the idea for EDWINS since 2004, but by 2013 it was a fully-formed vision – at least to me, and the significant number of supporters and volunteers who were giving hope to the men inside of Grafton Correctional Instruction by providing skills-based education and a community after release. Read More »