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E CITY (Entrepreneurship: Connecting, Inspiring & Teaching Youth) teaches entrepreneurship to low-income young people by improving their academic, business, technology and life skills so that they can become economically productive members of society and break the cycle of poverty. In January 2011, E CITY merged with Youth Opportunities Unlimited. 

President: Deborah Perkins                              

SVP Lead Partner: Mary Bright

Years of Engagement: 2005–2008

In January 2011, E CITY merged with Youth Opportunities Unlimited

SVP Impact

  Unrestricted Grants      $ 65,000  
  Volunteer Hours      670 

Capacity Building Areas:

  • Development
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Marketing

E City | A Spirit of Generosity and Celebration

SVP volunteers gave considerable time in planning meetings and in hands-on activities to help us evaluate and modify our annual awareness breakfast. They encouraged us to see its “power” in reaching people on an emotional level, and they encouraged us to see that we could use that event to raise a significant amount of money. We had been afraid of making that transition, from a “feel good” event to one at which we ask for donations. The outside perspective of SVP volunteers was invaluable... Read More »