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Connie Collins

Connie Collin’s extensive experience in commercial photography and theater and a master’s degree in journalism qualify her as an expert storyteller. She has a passion to see other people tell their own stories and sees herself as a steward of that process. Clients say she has an “uncanny ability to see to the heart of their message and clarify what’s at stake.” Her point of view often brings into focus things that they knew or suspected but didn’t know how to say. They gain insight about the infinite number of stories they could tell, inspiration to acquire the skills, and ability to translate that into terrific long-term branding for their business.

A filmmaker since 2002, her first film, A Trampoline, appeared at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Since then, on topics ranging from human trafficking to recycling to adoption, she exhibits a style deemed “deft” and “sensitive.” Along with producing, she conducts workshops for organizations and can be contracted on retainer. Her hands-on, compassionate, and straightforward coaching calls clients to “master the frame,” unleashing the full storytelling potential of video.