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Catalina M. Wagers

Catalina is a member of Legacy Leaders at the Cleveland Leadership Center and a retail industry Executive with 30+ years of experience. A native of Colombia, she immigrated to the US in 1985 to finish her degree in business and, thereafter, began her retail career as a Management Trainee. A strong leader and strategic thinker, Catalina was steadily promoted reaching C-suite roles in several organizations.

In 2018, Catalina stepped away from the corporate arena to focus her energy and skills on projects that work for the advancement of Northeast Ohio and residents of her adopted city—Cleveland. In her new chosen path, she continues to act as a solution-oriented agent developing innovative strategies that target social, environmental, educational, and economic opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

In addition to being a member of Legacy Leaders, Catalina is also involved with Esperanza Inc., as both a mentor to students of Hispanic descent and a member of its Programs Committee. She is also a member of Future Heights, in Cleveland Heights, as a project partner and a member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (Northeast Ohio chapter)—a worldwide organization that empowers everyday people to work with their community and their members of Congress on climate change solutions.

Embracing the World around Her, SVP Partner Catalina Wagers Brims over with Passion and Compassion

What are you most passionate about? I am passionate about life! Living every moment to its fullest—living awake, curious, and in a perpetual state of wonder and gratitude. Living my truth while trying to make the world a better place one action at the time. I know it sounds corny, but this is my life purpose. Read More »