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Adoption Network Cleveland

Adoption Network Cleveland (ANC) supports anyone touched by adoption – adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents, foster youth and alumni, foster parents, and professionals. ANC recognizes adoption as a lifelong journey. ANC connects and empowers individuals, organizations and communities impacted by adoption and foster care, provides healing for those in need.

Executive Director: Betsie Norris

SVP Lead Partner: Jon Adams

Years of Engagement: 2007- 2010

Total SVP Impact

 Value of volunteer hours from partners and friends   $ 42,000
 SVP direct financial contributions (grants awarded)   $ 60,000
 Indirect contributions because of introduction by SVP   $ 1,500
 Projected operational impact from SVP-supported projects/initiatives 


SVP grant was leveraged 173%   $103,500  

Results and Accomplishments

Use of SVP’s grants: marketing and general operations

    • Executive Coaching
    • Marketing
    • Program Replication
    • Technology


Volunteer Partners: Réka Barabas, Jamie Cole, Pam Conover, Joni Marra, Anna Penner, Brad Reynolds, Joyce Shaw, Cynthia Tancer

Adoption Network Cleveland | A Critical Investment

When Social Venture Partners selected Adoption Network Cleveland as an investee in 2007, the organization had just completed a three-year start up period as lead agency for the Adopt Cuyahoga’s Kids Initiative. The Initiative addressed a crisis in the public child welfare system in Cuyahoga County, where there were 1,700 children and youth waiting for adoption in 2002. Read More »