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The Volunteer Team

Who are they and what do they do? 

The Volunteer Team (aka the V-Team) is a fluctuating group of Partners who volunteer to help our Investees strengthen their capacity in myriad ways. V-Team members have been called upon to lend their insights and experience to projects involving board governance, volunteer management, community outreach, outcomes measurement, leadership development, strategic planning, marketing, financial management, information technology, and compensation review (among many more examples). Thanks to the V-Team, SVP typically provides over 200 hours of volunteer consulting to our Investees on an annual basis. Partners’ involvement can be as limited as one or two brainstorming sessions on a given topic, to gathering on a quarterly or even monthly basis. Above all, involvement is flexible and determined by Partners’ personal interest and current schedule.

 What do I need to know in order to join the V-Team?

Once you learn about a particular need an Investee has to strengthen their organization’s capacity, you only need to assess your interest, your availability and your schedule. The Lead Partner and SVP staff will ensure that you are kept up-to-date and will attempt to schedule meetings around your schedule. Most Partners love the hands-on nature of this role, and the feeling that they are helping the Investees in tangible, lasting ways.