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The Advisory Teams

Who are they and what do they do?

The Advisory Team (aka the A-Team) offers a flexible opportunity for you to learn about our current Investees in ways that accommodate your busy lives and schedules, and at the same time satisfy your curiosity about what, and how, our Investees are doing.

In addition to the updates, you will often have opportunities to brainstorm about unique challenges facing our Investees.  You will never be assigned “homework” after the A-Team session. It’s like auditing a class without any accompanying test or essay!

What do I need to know in order to join the A-Team?

Each of our active Investees has its own A-Team which meets as needed for feedback on a pressing issue. You get to choose the Investee in which you are most interested and join that A-Team. You attend only those sessions that fit your particular schedule on a given day.  Because of the utter freedom of this “collaboration without commitment” approach, Partners often join multiple A-Teams.  A-Team sessions are never scheduled simultaneously for this reason.

Read about the A-Team in Action here.