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FastPitch 2021

After three months of tailored coaching, feedback, and mentoring from SVP Partners, these six regional nonprofit leaders shared their organizations’ missions and their personal passion for what’s possible at our FastPitch Showcase!

Learn more about each organization below! To watch the full playlist of videos, click here.

Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance

Presenter: Antonio McMullen

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Mission: Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance (CPA) is committed to providing community-led prevention and intervention and restoration services to those in our communities who need them most. CPA knows that most people are not violent, and believes that those who are can change.


Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Ohio

Presenter: Avery Martens

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Mission: Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Ohio organizes white people, and in majority white communities, to make changes in policy and culture to end racism. SURJ Ohio's interventions focus specifically on public health and safety through criminal and economic justice reform, following the vision of Black community leaders, advocates and organizers. SURJ Ohio knows that our world relies on racism to hold structural and systemic oppression in place and that when we end racism, we all win.



Presenter: Cait Kennedy

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Mission: unBail democratizes information about the criminal legal system. unBail delivers valuable and relevant legal information (but not legal advice) to defendants and their families in plain language, empowering them to advocate for themselves and proactively plan for the future.



Presenter: Geoff Pingree

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Mission: StoryLens makes independent documentary films about pressing social issues in order to promote education, encourage public dialogue, and enable change. StoryLens also provides professional development opportunities for Oberlin College students and recent graduates pursuing careers as filmmakers by hiring new Fellows each year.



Presenter: Marcia Hood

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Mission: Syatt recognizes the adverse legacy people of color have faced in America. Syatt's VISION is for all youth and adults to experience a world where they know they belong and feel empowered. Syatt's MISSION supports this through culturally relevant programming in the natural and built environment, where youth and adults experience relief leading to life-changing transformation.


Cleveland Jazz Orchestra

Presenter: Theresa Lesh

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Mission: The mission of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra is to increase awareness and appreciation of jazz by engaging the community with original music, exceptional performances, and inspirational educational programming. Learn, live, and love jazz.


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