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Investee Application Process

Criteria for nonprofits applying to be an SVP Investee:

  1. Your annual revenue is greater than $250,000.
  2. You have the equivalent of at least three full-time staff.

If you do not qualify for this opportunity, please click here to see other opportunities available for nonprofits to collaborate with SVP.

All nonprofits applying to work with SVP must meet the following criteria:

  1. Your organization is designated as a 501(c)3 organization with the IRS or has a fiscal sponsor.
  2. Your organization does not require participation in religious activities.
  3. Your organization has a non-discrimination policy.
  4. Your organization primarily serves Cleveland and/or Cuyahoga County.

Steps to Apply

The application process to become an SVP Investee is conducted in two rounds—each with its own application. Applications are reviewed by our Investment Team made up of SVP volunteers.

Round 1

1. Complete an online application about your organization’s

    • mission/vision.
    • commitment to equity.
    • key capacity-building challenges.

(Examples of challenges on which we have collaborated in the past include: Financial Management; Fund Development; Information Technology; Marketing and Communications; Program Outcomes and Evaluation; Human Resources; Mission, Vision, Strategy and Planning; Legal Affairs; Leadership Development; Board Leadership.)

Apply Here by Feb 8th at 5 pm

After you submit your application, you can continue to login and make edits until Feb 8th at 5 pm. You can preview the application form here. You can download an editable Word version of the application form by clicking here.

The Investment Team will use this criteria while reviewing your applications to find the best fit. In early March, we will invite up to four nonprofits to be our semi-finalists. Semi-finalists will move on to Round 2.

Round 2

1. Complete the full proposal. This online form will include:

    • a proposed capacity building work plan with specific goals.
    • more details about your leadership, finances, and programming.
    • contact details for reference calls.

2. Attend the Cocktails & Collaboration event—a tailored advisory session with SVP volunteers to brainstorm over and offer practical solutions to an important capacity-building challenge facing you. At the event you will:

    • give a brief presentation to an array of SVP volunteers.
    • join a small group of volunteers to collaborate and brainstorm about your challenge.
    • have a chance for us to meet each other to get a sense of what a collaborative engagement would be like.

3. Host a site visit—a relaxed session for a small group of SVP volunteers to see your program in action and/or volunteer with you, if possible.

4. Have a call with an SVP volunteer, your executive director, and your board chair for any follow-up questions.

In mid-May, the Investment Team will share their findings with our entire Partnership of volunteers who will vote on the best match for our next Investee. Our new Investee will be invited to a meeting with our volunteers at the end of May to welcome you!

All semi-finalists will receive a small stipend to compensate you for the time spent on our application process.

Further Questions?

We held a virtual information session on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 via Zoom. You can watch a recording of the session here and you can view the slides here. You can also contact us at any time!