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We partner with nonprofits to mutually build relationships of shared respect and appreciation—to support your organization’s mission and impact in Cleveland communities. You are the expert on your organization and know best where to apply funding, so we offer unrestricted grants. Additionally, we provide a wide range of expertise to collaborate with you as you navigate organizational growth, development, and change.

SVP offers two different paths for capacity-building support to nonprofits:

  1. Become an SVP Investee: We partner with one nonprofit annually to engage with us over two years. This organization receives $15,000 unrestricted grant funding each year and ongoing collaborative support to address organizational challenges and better build its capacity.
  2. Small + Start-up Nonprofit Engagements with SVP: We offer opportunities for small and start-up nonprofits to receive collaborative advisory sessions from SVP. Teams consisting of small groups of SVP volunteers offer up to six problem-solving sessions centered around a key capacity-building challenge over a period of up to six months.

What we bring to the table:

  • Volunteers with a wide range of expertise in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors who will support you as you build and adapt your organization.
  • A commitment to working in partnership. We will listen to you and work with you to further your nonprofit’s vision.
  • The opportunity for your organization to receive unrestricted grant funding.

What we are looking for in a partner:

  • A willingness to share openly and partner with us to find solutions that align with your organization’s goals and your vision.
  • An excitement for the process and the time to work with us.
  • A commitment to calling us out when something’s not working for you. That may be uncomfortable, but our best results come from honest relationships.

Which opportunity is right for your nonprofit?


SVP Investee applicants:

  1. Your annual revenue is greater than $250,000.
  2. You have the equivalent of at least three full-time staff.

The application process to become an SVP Investee is conducted in two rounds—each with its own application.

Investee Application Process

Small + Start-up Nonprofit Engagements with SVP:

  1. Your annual revenue is less than $300,000.
  2. You have zero to three full-time staff.

The application process for small + start-up nonprofit engagements with SVP requires completion of a short questionnaire. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We have had a lot of interest in this program and new applications for our Small + Start-up Nonprofit Engagements are currently on hold.

Small + Start-up Nonprofit Engagements Application Process


ALL nonprofit applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Your organization is designated as a 501(c)3 organization with the IRS or has a fiscal sponsor.
  2. Your organization does not require participation in religious activities.
  3. Your organization has a non-discrimination policy.
  4. Your organization primarily serves Cleveland and/or Cuyahoga County.

Further Questions?

We held a virtual information session on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 via Zoom. You can watch a recording of the session here and you can view the slides here. You can also contact us at any time!