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With Hope and Passion, SVP Partners Embrace 2021

Posted by cleveland

Hope. Growth. Change. A year full of possibility: this is how SVP Partners are looking at 2021.

Reflecting on last year, Partner and retired president and CEO of Judson Services, Cyndy Dunn, shares, “2020 was a year of learning as I took advantage of the time in quarantine.” Now, Cyndy is bringing that learning into 2021, “I look forward, this year, to applying, sharing, and expanding on what I have been learning around social justice and racial equality and how this impacts the work of nonprofits.”

SVP also grew and evolved in 2020. Last year, Partners spent hundreds of hours re-envisioning how we engage in collaborative partnerships with nonprofits; this process included updating our traditional application process and creating new opportunities for us to engage with small and start-up organizations, all within our equity lens.

“In 2020, SVP Cleveland worked hard to reimagine our vision and programs,” shares Stephen Hayden, Partner and physician at the Cleveland Clinic. Stephen is excited that this reimagining led to new ways SVP “will be engaging with small and start-up organizations, while continuing to support and develop more established nonprofits.” Moreover, he adds, “We will also be able to do all of this more efficiently.” At the crux of Stephen’s excitement is: “Through these new initiatives and a new sense of flexibility and purpose, we can contribute even more meaningfully to addressing the inequities and disparities that exist today.”

Also conveying Stephen’s enthusiasm, Evan Ishida—Partner, SVP board member, and Thrive at Work Partner—shares, “We’ll be shifting and experimenting with new ways to partner with nonprofits at a time when our community needs it more than ever. We’ve talked for some time about working with more nonprofits where we can collectively create more equity and engage more people in that process. That feels like our most important work this year!”

Evan’s hope reaches beyond SVP; he believes, “In 2020, we saw community stakeholders (individuals, businesses, nonprofits, government, funders) start to take bigger steps toward racial equity following the events such as the death of George Floyd. More people and organizations are asking bigger questions about systemic racism and inequality. They’re even changing their vision, mission, and values to reflect an intention to shape a more equitable world. I’m excited to see conversations, connections, and actions develop in ways that make progress in 2021.”

Holly Mueller—Partner and owner of Holly M Communications—echoes her Partners’ hope and enthusiasm, “I truly believe 2021 will be a year of making connections and helping others like never before. There was hope and a renewed sense of purpose that was born from such a tumultuous 2020. Many people are now yearning to give back. I’m excited to see what this means for our city—and for all communities around the world.”