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From Crisis to Kin: SVP Investee Kinnect Helps Children in Foster Care Find Permanency and Stability

Who are your kin? For a child in foster care, this straightforward question is anything but simple. SVP’s newly-selected Investee, Kinnect, recognizes the importance of kin to children who are temporarily separated from their families. Kinnect honors the fact that “each of us relies on a network of chosen family—blood relatives, close friends, and other loved ones—who support us physically, emotionally, and financially.” Read More »

A Ticket to Self-Discovery: Effective Leadership Academy Helps Youth Launch Successful Life Journeys

The demands and distractions many children face in today’s world do not leave much room for a “journey of self-discovery.” That’s where SVP’s time-only Investee Effective Leadership Academy (ELA) comes in; its programs serve as a veritable life-skill travel agency aiding students in their voyage of personal growth. Read More »

Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank: Volumes of Appreciation for Those Who Share Their Time

As an organization, it takes a lot of volunteers to fulfill Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank’s mission of fostering improved literacy and a love of reading by providing free books to children in need. In fact, 6,000 people have volunteered with the Kids’ Book Bank (KBB) in just over three years. These volunteers played a crucial role as KBB partnered with more than 900 organizations who helped distribute two million books to children in low-income families throughout Northeast Ohio. Read More »

A Future Focused on Health for All: Q&A with SVP Fellow Nadet Najjar

"I have especially been impressed by SVP’s unique design, and how it can also mold itself to have an even greater reach to its applicants. I leave every SVP gathering inspired and with a warm heart. The genuineness of SVP’s members and outside organizations we work with has shown to be contagious." Read More »

A Global View, a Local Approach & a Call for Alignment: Q&A with Barry Doggett

"I have been involved in philanthropy and nonprofit organizations for over twenty-five years around the world. The work that SVP Cleveland undertakes is unique in bringing such a wide range of approaches and talents to the table. Our Partners have tremendous talents and energy that translate into enhanced results for our Investees." Read More »

SVP selects Kinnect to be next Investee

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Cleveland, the philanthropic venture fund that supports and partners with nonprofit organizations in Northeast Ohio, has awarded its seventeenth multi-year grant to its newest Investee—Kinnect. Having selected Kinnect from a pool of 52 local nonprofit applicants, SVP will offer Kinnect an initial $15,000 unrestricted grant as well as tailored consulting, pinpointed through a collaborative relationship. The consulting is provided by SVP volunteers with a range of nonprofit-management expertise and a passion to engage with nonprofits making an impact in the community. Read More »

The Measure of Success: Following the Process, Recognizing the Progress, Focusing on the Potential

“Impact is one area where SVP needs to continue to evolve.…It’s where we’re going to go, who we’re going to be,” shares SVP Partner Pete Punwani, reflecting on why he chose to not only participate in SVP’s Real-Time Strategic Planning (RTSP) process but also to become one of its Impact Subteam co-leads. “Impact” was one of three overarching areas of focus that came out of the initial stages of SVP’s RTSP process, which began at the 2017 Fall Partner Meeting... Read More »

From Hong Kong to Ohio, SVP Partner Dominique Litmaath Connects Worlds One Question at a Time

“People know Hong Kong as this incredibly densely populated, bustling, cosmopolitan city, but we actually grew up 100 yards from the beach in a small fishing village—Stanley [now well known as a tourist destination and overcrowded market with designer knockoffs]...But when I was growing up, it was all noodle and vegetable stands and pigs running around loose.” SVP Partner Dominique Litmaath reminisces, “I had an incredible upbringing. At the time I thought it was the most normal thing in the world.”... Read More »

From Near Death to Thriving: A Case Study of Open Doors Academy’s Revival and Relationship with Social Venture Partners

Open Doors Academy (ODA) was founded out of a church basement in 2002 to provide after-school enrichment programs for at-risk youth. But the real underlying motivation was to help these families break the cycle of poverty. Like most start-ups—for-profit and nonprofit alike—ODA experienced more than its share of both highs and lows in its early years... Read More »

Getting Engaged: SVP Partner Evan Ishida’s Journey from Isolated Donor to Engaged Giver

Being an SVP Partner has helped me clarify the approach that I want to take to philanthropy and to helping our community. It’s reinforced a hypothesis that I had for myself: I want to impact community through community. Meaning, I don’t want to go it alone. I don’t want to be an isolated donor. Read More »