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SVP Cleveland's Statement to the Community

For almost two decades, the drive to make the world a better place has fueled SVP. However, our understanding of how we—SVP’s Partners, board and staff—approach this work has evolved over time. The events of the past days, weeks, and months are just the latest reminder of the systemic racism that permeate all aspects of our society. They are also testament to the fact that our evolution must be swifter, deeper, and all encompassing. We can—and must—do better. Read More »

SVP launches new site to support nonprofits impacted by COVID-19!

We are excited to announce WeCareForCLE.org – a new website to help Northeast Ohio’s social sector respond to and recover from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. Read More »

PHASTAR wins bigBANG! 2020, SVP's Showcase of Social Change and Innovation

bigBANG! provides a forum for Northeast Ohio nonprofits to pitch their socially innovative work and recruit volunteers and donors. Read More »

Moments of Silence. Moments of Hope. A Glimpse into Cleveland’s Human Trafficking Court

I am sitting in a small courtroom in downtown Cleveland next to Tenisha Gant-Watson, Executive Director of Jordan Community Resource Center. Unlike any other court I’d seen in real life or on TV, the room is filled with women. Everyone is visiting and chatting among themselves, cracking jokes and catching up. Some are clean and sober, others seem to be high.  Some are with guards in special pews and wearing gray jail scrubs, not the ‘Orange is the New Black’ outfits my stereotype led me to expect. Read More »

Beyond How It’s Always Been: SVP Partner, Denise Crudup, Blazes a New Trail and Believes in Our Unique Natures

SVP Partner Denise Crudup admits to having been a helicopter mom while her child grew up. As the time approached for her daughter to go off to college, she resolved she would turn those energies toward helping the community around her through philanthropy. A seasoned educator, holding two graduate certificates, three Master’s degrees with a fourth in progress, Denise approached this new journey as she does everything; “I got this, I will figure it out.” Then, her husband was offered a great job in another state. Read More »

Tinkerer and Tackler, from Bike Parts to Nonprofits, SVP Partner Ben Faller Loves a Challenge

Ben Faller’s favorite books from his youth were Our Universe and The Way Things Work. These titles reveal a deep and early desire to understand Mechanics—how forces affect material bodies, the conditions under which that happens best, and the right tools that get it done. Yes, this would make Ben a great problem-solver. And he loves to solve problems—in concrete ways with bike parts or wood and tools and in not-so-concrete ways with people and relationships and society. Read More »

Stable Growth: Kinnect’s Expansion Increases Stability to Ohio’s Children in Foster Care and Their Kin

SVP Investee, Kinnect, is embracing change. Kinnect began their mission as a regional approach to identifying individuals whom a foster child considers their “kin” and involving these kin to create stability and permanency for that child. Recently, that mission expanded statewide. And SVP Partners have jumped in wholeheartedly to support our newest Investee’s growth. Read More »

Dr. Gail Christopher Presents "Rx Racial Healing: A Path Toward Equitable Opportunity and Outcomes for All"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zimHtTia1ec National equity expert and Glenville native, Dr. Gail Christopher [...] Read More »

From Crisis to Kin: SVP Investee Kinnect Helps Children in Foster Care Find Permanency and Stability

Who are your kin? For a child in foster care, this straightforward question is anything but simple. SVP’s newly-selected Investee, Kinnect, recognizes the importance of kin to children who are temporarily separated from their families. Kinnect honors the fact that “each of us relies on a network of chosen family—blood relatives, close friends, and other loved ones—who support us physically, emotionally, and financially.” Read More »

A Ticket to Self-Discovery: Effective Leadership Academy Helps Youth Launch Successful Life Journeys

The demands and distractions many children face in today’s world do not leave much room for a “journey of self-discovery.” That’s where SVP’s time-only Investee Effective Leadership Academy (ELA) comes in; its programs serve as a veritable life-skill travel agency aiding students in their voyage of personal growth. Read More »