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SVP Partners have abundant knowledge about nonprofit and business management gathered through years of experience in many different business and nonprofit sectors. Areas we’ve worked with nonprofits on in the past include:

  • Organizational Design & Development
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Human Resources
  • Board & Governance
  • Marketing & Communications
  • and many more

The knowledge and support we offer in these areas help our Investees and other nonprofits grow. However, we are also always working on our growth. As engaged philanthropists, we are continually expanding our skills, insights, and perspectives through educational opportunities and life experiences.

Moving forward with an equity lens: Over the years, we’ve moved forward, but we know “forward” is not “far enough.” To do this, we are continuing to help (and challenge) each other to better understand what equity means and to become more mindful of the various ways we have power and privilege. More and more of us are sharing in conversations and participating in learning opportunities offered by SVP, the Cleveland nonprofit community, and the broader community. However, our goal is to move beyond being awake to the problems and actually going to work on them. Applying this to SVP’s partnership, we are committed to

  • continuously becoming more alert to our power and privilege and what having them means
  • honestly evaluating the barriers to diversifying our partnership and overcoming them
  • being intentionally inclusive of different perspectives and sharing power
  • maintaining a diverse board
  • and more

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