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Community perspectives help raise our awareness of the nonprofits’ and communities’ strengths and challenges. They also help make us more sensitive to our own biases and systems that give some advantages over others. We also work with hundreds of nonprofits outside of SVP and carry our growing awareness into that work and all parts of our lives.

Moving forward with an equity lens: SVP engages with the community in many ways—from partnerships to education to individual involvement in hundreds of nonprofits and initiatives. But how can we intersect with community with greater intentionality with an equity lens? We are working to:

  • expand the existing opportunities to learn about nonprofits and nonprofit management we offer to the community, as well as ourselves, to include educational programming around equity
  • build upon and establish new collaborative partnerships with organizations that work with nonprofits focused on serving disadvantaged communities and the nonprofits themselves
  • continue to emphasize and share equity-focused events in the community so that we can be active participants in these discussions
  • visibly support initiatives that raise awareness about issues that affect disadvantaged communities
  • and more

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