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2012: SVP Cleveland launches its Personally Significant Giving Model.
2016: Partners, board, and staff attend several SVPI-sponsored sessions around equity, beginning SVP Cleveland’s more explicit pursuit of equity.
2016: An SVP Equity Team forms.
July 2017: Equity Corner launched in Partners’ SCOOP.
Oct 2017: Equity experts guide a discussion at our Fall All-Partner Meeting.
Oct 2017: Partners undertake a Vision Exercise from which Equity becomes one of the three Real-Time Strategic Planning (RTSP) focus areas.
2018: Partners and staff attend SVPI equity-focused conferences; REI trainings;
Philanthropy Ohio equity-centered seminars, discussions, and conference; and more.
Feb 2018: Partners view and discuss the film “The House We Live In.”
Feb 2018: Emeritus Investee discusses equity in its work.
Feb 2018: Nearly 20 additional Partners and Fellows join the RTSP Equity Team.
Oct 2018: SVP Partners choose equity and closing the opportunity gap to be the focus of SVP’s Impact with Investees, within the community, and amongst themselves.
Fall 2018: Launch Equity Community Outreach Initiative in collaboration with the United Black Fund
Dec 2018: Language used in the 2019 Investment Cycle application is evaluated and updated using an equity lens. A question about each organizations’ commitment to equity is added to the Round 1 application.
Jan 2019: Partners read and discuss the book Between the World and Me.
Feb 2019: Partners participate in an equity “next-steps” brainstorming session centered around four key focus areas of SVP’s work.
Spring 2019: SVP re-envisions its approach to equity via an “equity lens” and begins development of an organizational equity statement.
Mar 2019: SVP’s Equity and Education Teams brainstorm next steps for internal and external equity-focused programming.
July 2019: Partners discuss the book/movie The Hate U Give.
July 2019: SVP launches an Equity section on its website with its definition of equity and outlining its equity lane.
July 2019: Partners participate in an Equity Potluck Dinner with small-group discussions on personal understandings of equity.
Sept 2019: SVP offers a community event featuring national equity expert, Dr. Gail Christopher, in partnership with United Black Fund (UBF) of Greater Cleveland and moCa.
Oct 2019: At SVP’s Annual Partner Meeting, Robbin Hudson, from UBF of Greater Cleveland, shared with Partners the tradition of Black philanthropy in our region and the opportunity for SVP to be a leader in exploring power and privilege in its model of philanthropy.
Oct 2019: SVP Partners engage in an exercise drawn from Power Moves, a guide from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy designed to help organizations evaluate how equitably they are building, wielding, and sharing power.
Nov 2019: SVP forms a Real-Time Strategic Planning Investment Reimagined Team to envision how SVP can engage with a wider range of nonprofits, including more smaller and start-up nonprofits and nonprofits led by people of color.
Dec 2019: SVP pauses its 2020 Investment Cycle to continue the process of evaluating it through an equity lens.
Feb 2020: SVP International’s CEO, Sudha Nandagopal, speaks at our Annual Partner Meeting about acknowledging the power imbalance inherent to philanthropy and working towards dismantling it.
March 2020: Leon Wilson, Chief of Digital Innovation & Chief Information Officer of the Cleveland Foundation, shares with Partners about the Digital Divide in Cleveland and how its impact on low-income neighborhoods and households has increased during the COVID-19 crisis.
April 2020: Partners watch and discuss “The Story We Tell” from the documentary Race: The Power of an Illusion.
May 2020: Partners discuss the topic of Voting Rights with material drawn from the 2020 YWCA 21-Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge.
May 2020: Partners read and discuss Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist.
June 2020: Partners listen to “American Police” (from the NPR Throughlines podcast) and read “A discussion about how to reform policing” (an article from the NY Times), followed by a group discussion of “Policing in America.”


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