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How Partners Volunteer

How do you want to approach philanthropy? If you’re reading this, it probably means you want to do more than give money.

You want to roll up your sleeves and dig in. And you’re not alone.

Hundreds of SVP Partners throughout our global network are working shoulder to shoulder with nonprofits and each other to achieve the change they want to see in their communities.

Our Partners strengthen local nonprofits by volunteering their unique professional skills.

Are you interested in volunteering? Contact Hilary Sparks-Roberts to learn more about becoming an SVP Partner, or simply sign up online!

Check Out Partner Volunteer Opportunities Below!

The Investment Team

Our Investment Team (aka the I-Team) is essential to all that we do. In order to pick a new nonprofit each year to support and strengthen, our Partners rely on the scrupulous vetting the I-Team conducts. They are our eyes and ears and heart. Read More »

The Advisory Teams

The Advisory Team (aka the A-Team) offers a flexible opportunity for you to learn about our current Investees in ways that accommodate your busy lives and schedules, and at the same time satisfy your curiosity about what, and how, our Investees are doing. In addition to the updates, you will often have opportunities to brainstorm about unique challenges facing our Investees. You will never be assigned "homework" after the A-Team session. It's like auditing a class without any accompanying test or essay! Read More »

The Volunteer Team

The Volunteer Team (aka the V-Team) is a fluctuating group of Partners who volunteer to help our Investees strengthen their capacity in myriad ways. V-Team members have been called upon to lend their insights and experience to projects involving board governance, volunteer management, community outreach, outcomes measurement, leadership development, strategic planning, marketing, financial management, information technology, and compensation review (among many more examples). Thanks to the V-Team, SVP typically provides over 200 hours of volunteer consulting to our Investees on an annual basis. Read More »

Lead Partners

Alternately quarterbacks and counsellors, Lead Partners spearhead SVP's engagements with our Investees. The Lead Partner serves as a sounding board for the Investee's executive director as they determine how SVP can best help strengthen their capacity. Lead Partners often develop trusting, intensely personal relationships with these Investees. Along the way, Lead Partners are never alone. Read More »

Fast Pitch Coaches

Over the course of approximately two months, the Fast Pitch Coaches help each of the bigBANG! presenters hone their four-minute Fast Pitches so that they deliver polished, high-energy presentations at bigBANG! These coaches help the presenters tell concise yet compelling stories, stories that will inform and electrify the bigBANG! audience. Read More »

bigBANG! Planning Team

The bigBANG! Planning Team ensures that SVP's showcase on social innovation goes without a hitch. In years past, bigBANG! has convened speakers like Peter Senge and Dan Pallotta who've spoken to crowds of approximately 250 folks from across Greater Cleveland and beyond. Sharing the stage and inspiring the audience are the Fast Pitch presenters -- executive directors from local nonprofits who share their innovative approaches to challenging social problems. Read More »

The Education Team

The Education Team (aka the E-Team) pools the vast experiences, connections, and resources of our team members to meet the educational needs of our Partners and our community. Known for our commitment to social innovation, SVP's education events often look at old issues through a new lens. Read More »

Board of Directors

SVP's board oversees the financial and strategic operations of SVP Cleveland. The board is composed of between five and seven members who serve two-year terms; occasionally board members are asked to serve three such terms. Partners may nominate themselves or another for the role. The only prerequisites are energy, enthusiasm, and a desire to move SVP forward. Read More »

Ad Hoc Committees

Throughout the year, many opportunities arise on an ad hoc basis. Depending on their availability and interest, Partners can volunteer on these committees at will. In the past, some of these committees have been devoted to maintaining connections to SVP alumni, engaging in strategic planning, welcoming Partners at the New Partner Orientations, and the like. Time commitments range considerably depending on the committee's focus. Read More »