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Become a Partner

You want to put a dent in the world, but you know you’ll only get so far on that journey alone. That’s what Social Venture Partners is for.

It starts with you. And it can begin today.  Social Venture Partners Cincinnati is accepting new partners!

We can’t define the change you’re searching for, but we will help you achieve it. We’ll connect you to the people and organizations that share your passion, and together we will amplify your impact.

How It Works

Social Venture Partners Cincinnati offers several options to join the partnership.  Partners make a minimum, tax-deductible, annual contribution of $6,000 for families, $3,000 for individuals or $1,500 for young professionals (<35). Donations are pooled to fund the local nonprofits Social Venture Partners supports as well as our programming and operations. These contributions are stretched further by those who volunteer their time and skills to strengthen our Investees, Social Venture Partners, and the social sector at large. Our hands-on approach leverages our financial contributions by a ratio of 4:1. This is what differentiates Social Venture Partners from other funders.

Partner roles are very flexible. Some Partners use Social Venture Partners as a way to make a highly leveraged gift, others take advantage of our education sessions and peer learning opportunities, and some roll up their sleeves and dig into volunteer projects. Learn about these opportunities and more >>

What Partners Can Expect

  • Enjoy the diversity of personalities, talents and passions of other like-minded people in Greater Cincinnati.
  • Learn about philanthropy through a minimum of three skill-building workshops per year.
  • Learn about the local nonprofit sector and gain the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to strengthen it with your personal and our collective actions.
  • Learn about the process of strategic grant making, as well as the breadth of nonprofits in our funding focus area(s) by being a member of the Investment Committee.
  • Get the opportunity to utilize your life and corporate skills by working to enhance Social Venture Partner’s internal capacity and/or working directly to make a difference with our investees.
  • Expand the size of your social circle by getting to know a diverse group of philanthropists within SVP.
  • Connect with over 3,500 partners worldwide through the Social Venture Partners International Network via conferences, projects and the intranet.




Social Venture Partners presents opportunities for personal growth and dynamic interaction. Let’s have a no-risk, low pressure conversation about your personal passions and philanthropic journey.  Social Venture Partners may be a perfect way for you to enhance your charitable experience. If you are interested in becoming a Partner our would like to meet some of our current Partners to learn more, please contact info@svpcincinnati.org.