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Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati: 2012 Graduate

Social Venture Partners helped the Civic Garden Center open the Green Learning Station, which teaches how to use environmentally responsible methods to grow gardens in yards, rooftops, walls, patios, driveways and parking lots.

“The project had gotten a little outside of (our) mission… . Fortunately, Social Venture Partners … encouraged us to align it more closely with our strategic plan.”

Betsy Townsend, Project Manager, Green Learning Station   

Gorman Heritage Farm: 2013 Graduate

Gorman Heritage Farm gives people a chance to explore and learn the history, methods and values of a working farm on 120 acres in Evendale. Social Venture Partners helped the farm develop its mission and vision, strategic planning, leadership development, marketing and fundraising plans.

“Social Venture Partners … certainly helped the Farm advance to the next level in both the operation and management needs so it was finally able to function as an effective nonprofit organization.”

Chris Schuermann, Executive Director, Gorman Heritage Farm

Imago: 2013 Graduate

Imago is a grassroots, environmental education organization in Price Hill. Its Earth Center preserves 23 acres, including an urban forest. Social Venture Partners supported Imago with planning and programming, marketing, board development, strategic planning and fundraising.

“Organizationally, we had been doing amazing work, but we were looking to reach a new level, one that had more impact and stability. SVP was crucial in guiding us to that next place.”

Chris Clements, Executive Director, Imago

Whole Again: 2014 Graduate

Whole Again provides meals, educational and recreational programming for 1,500 underserved youth and their families each year. Its Summer Food and Enrichment Program improves the quality of life for area children at 29 sites. Social Venture Partners supported Whole Again with leadership development, financial management, strategic planning and marketing.

“SVP comes in to really be a partner with our organization. So it fits their name. They’re partners with one another and they’re partners with us as a nonprofit, which is really good.”

Pastor Chandler, President and CEO, Whole Again

Family Nurturing Center: 2016 Graduate

Family Nurturing Center promotes individual well-being and healthy family relationships in Northern Kentucky and Hamilton County, Ohio, to end child abuse and neglect. Social Venture Partners supported Family Nurturing Center in risk assessment/management, marketing and communications, board structure and governance, HR and computerizing visitation program database.

“The contributions and impact of SVP will last long after the formal collaboration ends – we’ve made lifetime friends and advocates.”

Jane Herms, Executive Director, Family Nurturing Center

Lawn Life: 2017 Graduate

Lawn Life provides disconnected youth with an opportunity to gain real work experience and transferable skills in landscaping and home renovation.  Lawn Life provides under-resourced communities with detailed landscapes at reasonable prices with excellent service in a professional way.  Social Venture Partners supported Lawn Life with financial management, leadership development, human resources, marketing and research.

“We are excited about the $20,000 annual grant, but we are even more excited about the intellectual capital that SVP invests.”

Tim Arnold, Founder and Executive Director, Lawn Life

Changing Gears: 2019 Graduate