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Evelyn Kuo Fitzgerald, SVP Chicago Executive Director

Evelyn works closely with the board of directors and other partners to drive SVP Chicago’s mission of supporting innovative nonprofits seeking to make systemic change. Previously, Evelyn served in various senior leadership positions in the Midwestern Regional Office of Fannie Mae, including associate general counsel and director of single-family business. Read More »

Colleen Scrivner, Director of Programs & Communications

Colleen is responsible for partner engagement, programs and communications. She has extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations including social service agencies, trade associations and healthcare organizations. Read More »

Shelby Roller, Manager of Programs & Communications

Shelby helps implement SVP's programs and communications initiatives. Prior to joining SVP Chicago, she worked as a communications specialist for Georgetown College at Georgetown University, where she excelled at story telling and content creation. Read More »


Kate Coleman

Kate Coleman has thirty years of experience as a senior executive in the private and social sectors where she has successfully participated in multiple significant organizational transformations. As a Harvard ALI fellow, she applied that experience to research that focuses on obstacles to nonprofit efficiency and effectiveness. Read More »

Nancy Goldstein

Nancy Goldstein’s current role is the director of strategy and insights at The Connell Group, a firm that helps companies shape their future by better understanding and connecting to their customers. Her specialties include: brand strategy, value propositions and positioning, brand communications, new product launches, and business model development. Read More »

Leo Gonzalez

Leo Gonzalez is Chief Financial Officer of the Urban Land Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research and education organization supported by over 45,000 members globally, whose mission is to shape the future of the built environment for transformative impact in communities worldwide. Read More »

Rick Gray

Rick Gray is a high-performance team builder who has successfully marketed professional service business models in highly competitive industries for more than 30 years. He has extensive public/private/family-owned business, agency and non-profit marketing, operational management and Board advisory experience.  Read More »

Melissa Hamilton

Melissa is an experienced strategy consultant who serves global public and private clients across various industries. She enjoys bringing strategic thinking to the nonprofit space to help mission-driven organizations solve some of their biggest challenges. Read More »

Sophia Kang

Sophia Kang is a financial engineer for Chicago Trading Company, a highly analytical proprietary trading firm. She is passionate about serving her community, especially in youth and education. Read More »

Christine Mooney

Christine Mooney is the Bill and Paula LeRoy Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at Northern Illinois University. She is the lead faculty for entrepreneurship and the co-director of the Center for Social Enterprise. Read More »

Debbie Nutley

Debbie Nutley delved into the nonprofit sector after her retirement from the legal and human resources professions. She personally aligns to the concepts of venture philanthropy and leverages her financial donations with professional expertise to make a greater contribution in support of her chosen nonprofits. Read More »

Cindy Paulauskas

Paulauskas is a global business leader whose organization and big-picture focus have powered a 20-year record of strategic and operational leadership in dynamic emerging markets. She’s part of the founding team of Chicago start-up Rivet Radio, which provides a global audio publishing platform digital audio news and podcasts. Read More »

Garrett Sheridan

Garrett Sheridan is president of Axiom Consulting Partners which specializes in aligning strategy, organization and talent to deliver superior results. He has a strong change management and implementation focus that serves to engage employees quickly in understanding and committing to proposed change. Read More »

Terra Winston

Terra Winston, founder of inTerract Consulting, has dedicated her life to helping her clients unleash the potential of each employee. She is a leadership consultant and executive coach with almost 20 years of internal and external business consulting experience. Read More »

John Yerger

John Yerger has more than 30 years of executive experience building, growing and turning around global technology businesses, including significant experience in market creation, high technology manufacturing and successfully developing and taking products to market in companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollars in sales. Read More »