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SVP International

What We Do

SVP Chicago brings together a community of engaged philanthropists who want to do more than provide financial support to charitable causes. We are a vehicle from which individuals can participate in social investment and social entrepreneurship opportunities. We connect people with causes and in doing so we:

    • help individuals to amplify their giving;
    • fund and strengthen nonprofits; and
    • equip our communities to tackle our greatest social challenges.

All partners of SVP Chicago make a financial contribution of at least $5,000 per year. Using investment due diligence and assessment tools, we identify nonprofits with proven potential for social change in which to invest. The investment provides both financial support as well as operational capacity-building support from our partners over a three-year period. We stay closely involved in our investee nonprofits throughout our investment term and continually assess the effectiveness of our support.

SVP Chicago is committed to leadership development and capacity building of nonprofits and fostering engaged philanthropy, which we believe will strengthen our communities. Our partners are both leaders and learners in this journey.