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SVP is a community of people deeply connected to the idea of making Chicago better. Our partners have diverse backgrounds and work in a range of industries, bringing unique skills, resources and perspectives to our participation in SVP Chicago. For all our variety, there are several important attributes that we have in common:

  • Entrepreneurial – We’re innovative, creative and solutions-driven.
  • Curious – We actively educate ourselves to be informed and effective philanthropists.
  • Collaborative – We admit what we don’t know, and share what we do. We can delegate, and take on assignments.
  • Respectful – We foster mutual respect with each other and within investee relationships.
  • Interested in Leverage – We invest time, knowledge, know-how, and dollars in SVP’s efforts, resulting in deep community impact.
  • Accountable – We’re accountable to each other, our investees, and our community.
  • Results-oriented – We achieve and document measurable results.


We’re a community of people that likes to see our efforts and dollars amplified through the collective reach of this network. We see our knowledge, time, money, and know-how go farther when bundled. We like the connections we make through SVP, the skills we build working and learning together, and the impact we have partnering together to reinforce and strengthen our community’s nonprofits.