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Who We Are

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Charlotte is part of a global network of strategic philanthropists helping to strengthen high-impact organizations that are attacking social and economic inequality in Charlotte.

A venture philanthropy organization providing a path for passionate people to collectively invest their money, skills and time in Charlotte’s most promising nonprofits.

Many Charlotteans are seeking an avenue to give back to their community in a deeper way than simply writing a check. Moreover, they want to ensure their contributions have the greatest social impact while directed to the most effective nonprofits. (There are over 10,000 nonprofits in Mecklenburg County!)

At the same time, many promising nonprofits suffer from lack of community exposure as well as the capacity to grow a healthy organization. They need resources to form a solid foundation that will sustain their operations and support their mission.

To address these needs, Social Venture Partners Charlotte:

* has 120 Partners (members) who contribute $5,000, 2,500, or $1,000 per year to create a $350,000 fund. These Partners are connected to nonprofits based on their specific interests and skills, allowing them to work with these organizations in a deep and meaningful way.

* provides unrestricted, multi-year investments to approximately seven nonprofits per year with the goal of strengthening their organizations and impact in the community. These nonprofits receive an SVP grant (approximately $25,000/year for three years), but as importantly, they receive expertise and acumen from our Partner group.

* identifies, supports, and connects the community to issues and entrepreneurs in the Charlotte region through SEED20, SVP’s annual program to promote social innovation.

* helps Partners become more strategic and effective donors by providing educational opportunities through exposure to and engagement with community leaders and issues.

SVP fuels nonprofit innovation in the community in two distinct ways:

1. Deep, multi-year investments of financial and human resources in a select number of promising nonprofits called Investees

2. SEED20, the annual program of SVP that highlights and supports Charlotte-area nonprofit entrepreneurs.