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Sheltering Families Intact

Sheltering Families Intact (SFI) is a newly formed collaborative initiative to keep homeless families intact while they are seeking emergency shelter assistance and to provide rapid re-housing support to end their homelessness. To accomplish this mission, a six-agency partnership was formed, with each agency providing unique expertise to be leveraged to help homeless families remain intact and, ultimately, move from homelessness to affordable housing.

Coordinated portals of entry, a motel voucher approach to emergency housing, and national best practices in rapid re-housing are the foundations of the project. The initiative was created to fill a gap in service provision to homeless families in Charlotte/Mecklenburg County without building a new shelter or creating a new non-profit. Currently, no emergency shelter for intact families exists in our community.

Social Venture Partners granted the seed funding for this project. SVP members also provide project management assistance as well as serve  on the project oversight committee of agency leaders to guide the overall implementation and evaluation of this project.

Partner Agencies:

– Charlotte Family Housing
– Salvation Army Center of Hope
– A Child’s Place
– Safe Alliance
– Men’s Shelter of Charlotte
– The Relatives

SVP Lead Partner: Jim Thompson

In Their Words: “The SFI initiative was only possible because SVP was willing to study a gap in the homeless services system with a group of partner agencies and take a risk on an approach we all believed would work. Not only is the project proving successful, but we are learning so much about working together and understanding each other. This would not have happened without SVP being actively involved in our partnership.” Carson Dean, Executive Director, Men’s Shelter of Charlotte