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Heart Math Tutoring

Heart’s mission is to ensure that all elementary students develop the strong foundation in math and enthusiasm for academics needed for long-term success, by helping schools use volunteers as tutors. Community members commit one hour per week to deliver an effective, hands-on curriculum in one-on-one tutoring sessions during the school day in high-poverty schools.

Keys to Heart’s success include:

· effective, targeted curriculum that supports higher level learning

· on-site support that creates a positive experience for volunteers, school staff, and students

· an intervention effort that is in partnership and coordinated with efforts of the school and district

Many students in Charlotte’s high-poverty schools have fallen below grade level and would benefit from one-on-one attention. Heart seeks to identify and “fill in” the conceptual gaps that prevent students from progressing with their class, teaching foundational concepts that will support higher levels of learning.

SVP developed Heart Math Tutoring in conjunction with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) and Communities in Schools (CIS) beginning in 2010. The program was designed by SVP volunteers who worked with CMS to identify curriculum resources and schools for piloting the program.

Heart’s results have been strong:

· 98% of over 900 students to date have met program growth goals in math, set with guidance from elementary math specialists at UNC Charlotte and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

· 96% of surveyed teachers in 2015/16 reported an increase in confidence and/or enthusiasm towards math from students, and 75% reported increased confidence in subjects other than math

· 99% of surveyed 2015/16 volunteer tutors would recommend the program to friends and colleagues

Purposely designed to be replicable, Social Venture Partners hired Heart’s first Executive Director in July 2013, responsible for diversifying the funding portfolio and refining implementation with a focus on scalability. There is no similar program targeting math proficiency in the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system.

Executive Director: Emily Elliott

SVP Lead Partners: Steve Beam and Ken Rogich

In Their Words: “With this program, I have seen a new light in my students. They come back eager to tell me what they learned. Students are mastering standards, and I believe it is because of this program!”