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Become an Investee

We’re looking for nonprofits that want a different kind of funding relationship.

One of SVP’s top goals is to help develop organizational capacity and sustainability for Charlotte’s nonprofit community. We seek to support organizations that will benefit from a three-year relationship with SVP. This includes both cash grants and hands-on engagement by individual Partners who have a range of talents and professional skills to offer our Investees. SVP Charlotte focuses on high impact nonprofit organizations seeking to address economic inequality in Charlotte.

What We Bring to the Table

  • One to three years of operating support . Our goal is to work with you to help you strengthen your organization and your impact in the community.
  • Tools to assess your organizational capacity – the strength of all those behind the scenes systems that we pride ourselves on gathering expertise in: human resources, financial management, communications, board governance, etc.
  • Skilled volunteers who give their time and expertise to help you reach your organizational goals.
  • A commitment to working in partnership. We’ll invite your honest feedback, own up to our mistakes, and strive to find a path that works for everyone involved.

What We Ask of You

  • A willingness to take a hard look at what’s holding your organization back and share those weaknesses openly. Once the cards are on the table, we get to work – together.
  • Flexibility and openness to working with volunteers who have busy schedules and varied professional backgrounds.
  • A commitment to calling us out when something’s not working for you. While uncomfortable, best results come from honest relationships.
  • An annual work plan and progress report that outlines the goals you are focused on, how they relate to your mission, and what you have achieved at the end of each year.


 Application Guidelines

#1 Check your Eligibility

Is your organization:

  • a registered 501(c)3?
  • located in Mecklenburg County?
  • focused on alleviating social and economic inequality?

#2 Check the Deadline

SVP typically makes one to three grants annually.

#3 Submit a Letter of Interest

Nonprofits are invited to submit letters of interest (LOIs) during each grant cycle. LOIs are evaluated by our Investment Team, using the criteria outlined in the Call for Applications below.

 Guidelines and Application Here

#4 Submit a full proposal

SVP’s Investment Team reviews the letters of interest, selects 2-4 organizations to be semi-finalists, and invites them to submit a full proposal. Proposals are evaluated using similar criteria as outlined for the LOI.

#5 Host a Site Visit

Members of SVP’s Investment Team will visit the organization of each semi-finalist. This allows them to see your work in action get to know your staff and board, and to ask questions they may have. It also gives you a chance to ask questions of SVP.

#6 Receive a grant

Based on the full proposal and site visit, SVP’s Investment Team will select up to two finalist organizations, voted on by the entire SVP Partnership.