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Partner Workshop: Win, Lose, Collaborate

Posted by katiegauntner

On November 6th, Ben Wilhelm from Unscripted Outcomes provided a workshop to Partners and Investees on trust and collaboration in personal and professional settings.  Ben created a series of scenarios for each person to work on individually and collectively.  Participants shared their biggest take away was the difference between compromise versus collaboration when working in […] Read More »

Where are they now?-2019 SEED20 Alumni Brand the Moth

Posted by katiegauntner

When Sam Guzzie of Brand the Moth joined the 2019 class of SEED20, she shared that she was “honored to be a part of a class full of such amazing people working for the betterment of our society.  Getting to meet such inspiring people was the best part for me, let alone to be included […] Read More »

SVP Pathways to Partnership + Education Pathways to Employability Panel

Posted by kristinbeck

Social Venture Partners (SVP) welcomed over 55 guests to its new office in the WeWork facility at The Railyard for the SVP Pathways to Partnership + Education panel last night.  The evening opened with Board member and SVP Partner Scott Leo sharing about what makes the SVP Partner process unique including engagement opportunities with nonprofits […] Read More »

SVP Charlotte announces Executive Director transition

Posted by susandaniel

The Social Venture Partners Board of Directors has announced that Susan Daniel will step down at the end of October from her role as Executive Director of Social Venture Partners Charlotte (SVP).  “The good news for Susan,” says Board Chair Neal Noland, “is that she is going to retire to enjoy some well-deserved time with […] Read More »

First SVP Partner book discussion complete!

Posted by susandaniel

Thank you to the Fischers for hosting our first E3 book discussion on September 23rd!  Evicted, written by Matthew Desmond, follows eight families in Milwaukee as they struggle to keep a roof over their heads.  Guests Adrienne and Emmanuel Threat of Hope Vibes joined in the discussion to share their prospective of how lack of […] Read More »

SEED20 Applications are now open!

Posted by susandaniel

The SEED20 2020 application is now live!  SEED20, an initiative of SVP Charlotte, utilizes the power of social innovation to unleash breakthrough ideas that creatively attack tough social challenges.  These innovations can be developed by: An individual or start up with a well-formed idea An emerging nonprofit A well-established nonprofit with a new program Each […] Read More »

SEED20 2020 Application opens on September 17th for SEED20 2020 on March 31st!

Posted by susandaniel

The SEED20 2020 season begins next week when applications go live on Tuesday September 17th and closing on October 31st! The annual SEED20 program, an initiative of SVP Charlotte, identifies, highlights and connects the community to our region’s most innovative ideas for tackling pressing social challenges. These innovations can be developed by: An individual or […] Read More »