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The Power of Giving Time-Strategic Planning

Posted by katiegauntner

Being an SVP Partner means more than giving financially

What if strategic thinking brings you joy?  Henry Lander, an SVP Partner, has shared his acumen for developing SMART goals and measurable objectives with several SVP Investees.  This year, his work with Profound Gentlemen (PG) helped create lasting impact for the organization.

Creating a School and District Partnership Business Model

In 2019, SVP’s primary engagement with PG was working through the strategic and tactical components of a School and District Partnership model with the goal of securing earned revenue.  To this point, PG’s business model had been based on donations and grants as the main revenue source with teachers (Gentlemen) paying a small fee to participate.  A team of SVP Partners worked with Profound Gentlemen’s Director of Strategic Partnerships “to examine and outline the scope of work between PG and potential school districts to maximize the retention, personal and professional development, and leadership opportunities for male educators of color in the district”.  This new School and District Partnership business model is already benefiting the organization with over $60,000 in earned income in 2019.

This gift of time has been rewarding for our SVP Partners and Profound Gentlemen.  SVP Partner, Henry Lander, shared, “The time and effort invested in assisting PG to develop a growth model was incredibly rewarding.  Thanks to our combined efforts, PG has a new blueprint for delivering its mission.  I feel great satisfaction with what we build and how we did it.  I am honored to be part of a team supporting the incredible and valuable work of PG in our education system.”  Dominique Stone, Director of Strategic Partnerships shared, “The work with SVP on our strategic partnership plan was greatly beneficial to Profound Gentlemen’s district relationships.  It was one of my best collaborations.”

To learn more about our Investee, Profound Gentlemen, click here.


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