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The Power of Giving-Direct Service

Posted by katiegauntner

Giving Your Time

GenOne partners with talented, first-generation students from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them successfully navigate to and through college.  As an Investee of SVP, GenOne has worked with several Partners in direct services projects.

Board Members

During GenOne’s transition from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools program to independent 501c3, six SVP Partners joined the newly formed GenOne Board of Directors.  Over the past two years, this group has truly embraced the role of a working board including programming, logistics, event planning, and fundraising.  Partners have also taken on the role of family advocate including translation services at several GenOne events.

Student Services

GenOne partners Scholars with a Navigator (mentor) who is a trusted advocate and resource who will cultivate a positive interpersonal relationship to help guide their Scholar on their journey to and through college.  Several SVP Partners have taken on the Navigator role including Stacy Baum.  Executive Director, Ian Joyce, says, “Stacy has been outstanding!  She has done an incredible job reaching out, being persistent, and understanding her Scholar.”

The support of SVP Partners has enabled GenOne to now serve 100 Scholars and families ranging from 8th graders through seniors in college!  We look forward to our continued partnership with GenOne in 2020!

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