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SVP and The ROC-first year Investee recap

Posted by katiegauntner

SVP and The ROC will close out their first year of investment at the end of December, and have made a lot of progress.  Lead Partner Caryn Lee shared this updated at the Annual Partner meeting last Thursday:

“The ROC, Rebuilding Opportunities in Construction, strives to educate and mentor high school students for technical education and career opportunities in the construction industry.  The ROC welcomed 16 students the first year (2018/2019) and this year (2019/2020) added 23 more students to the program.  SVP Partners Dawn Posey, Debbie Darden, Joanne Beam, Blanton Hamilton joined Caryn on the SVP team for The ROC.  Joanne and Blanton helped identify new Board member needs and the rest of the team worked with Margaret Thornton (The ROC/CTE Coordinator) to improve the recruiting process and work on marketing initiatives.”

The ROC has currently obtained funds for a student marketing video, a high school counselor, and they are working on getting funding to update the website.

The Goodwill Construction Skills Training Center, pictured above, is a 15,000-square-foot warehouse located directly across from Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology and is walking distance to Harding High and a short shuttle from West Mecklenburg High.  Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont provides operational management for the center.  The facility has classrooms and labs all with updated industry-specific equipment that allows instructors to work directly with students in an active-learning environment.

We look forward to seeing what 2020 holds for The ROC!

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