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First SVP Partner book discussion complete!

Posted by susandaniel

Thank you to the Fischers for hosting our first E3 book discussion on September 23rd!  Evicted, written by Matthew Desmond, follows eight families in Milwaukee as they struggle to keep a roof over their heads.  Guests Adrienne and Emmanuel Threat of Hope Vibes joined in the discussion to share their prospective of how lack of stable housing affects the clients they serve.


We look forward to continuing the discussion!  Thanks to the E3 (Explore, Educate, Engage) Committee for organizing the event.  This SVP Committee engages Partners in an impactful way through issue focused educational events. It also provides a landing space for Partner ideas and suggestions regarding new nonprofits, current issue areas, and topic areas for exploration and education.

Interested in joining E3?  Please contact Heather Karriker for more information.

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