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Meet the winners of SEED20 OnStage 2018!

Posted by susandaniel

The winner of the $20,000 Wells Fargo People’s Choice Grand Prize is…ChemoCars!

Chemo Cars

Thousands of cancer patients are stranded and need a ride to chemotherapy. ChemoCars is here to change that. Using integrations with Uber and Lyft, ChemoCars provides free, on-demand rides to/from treatment. Patients call ChemoCars and they book, monitor, and pay for each ride. ChemoCars helps patients focus on what matters most: getting better. Congrats Zach!


Transcend Charlotte took home the second place prize of $12,500!

Transcend Charlotte is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote authenticity, connection, and social justice for transgender individuals. Each person’s identity, needs, and journey are unique and deserving of respect. Transcend Charlotte offers safe, trauma-informed care through support groups, free clothing programs, and referral services.


100 Gardens took home the third place prize of $7,500!

100 Gardens provides exciting learning experiences in STEM, nutrition, and environmental studies by implementing aquaponics gardens in schools. As a result, students change the way they think about learning, food and one another becoming smarter, healthier, and more compassionate people. This is a necessary step to ensure the sustainability of the human species and the planet.


The $5,000 Coaches’ Award was gifted to ZABS Place!

ZABS Place finds talent where no else thought to look. They see ability where all others see disability. ZABS Place is a thrift boutique employing and empowering young adults with special talents offering them training and work opportunities to reveal their unique potential, talent and skills.


After 7,443 community votes, the $1,000 prize goes to… INTech Camp For Girls!

INTech’s mission is to inform and inspire girls to innovate in the technology industry. INTech informs girls about technology and how it impacts their everyday lives, inspires them with talks from women in the tech industry, and shows them how to innovate their own tech product.


Listen to Brit Drozda’s, “Sunrise”, written just for SEED20!


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