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Charlotte Community ToolBank provides space and much more

Posted by susandaniel

A past Seed20 participant, the Charlotte Community ToolBank is continuing to do great things in the Charlotte area.  The ToolBank is a nonprofit tool lending program that provides charitable organizations with year-round access to an inventory of tools for use in volunteer projects, facility and grounds maintenance as well as special events. They provide tools to enhance the charitable sector’s capacity to serve, facilitating hands-on volunteerism in the greater Charlotte area.

They maintain an 8,000 sq ft warehouse in South End and an inventory comprised of more than 235 different types of tools and equipment in volumes large enough to equip thousands of volunteers at a time. Access to ToolBank tools eliminates the need for agencies to incur the expense of purchasing, repairing and storing tools, reducing the costs associated with service projects and allowing these agencies to focus more of their resources on their mission.

From Maureen Krueger, Executive Director, “The ToolBank is celebrating their 5th Anniversary this year where they have provided over 98,000 tools and special event items valued at over $2.8 million to 313 member agencies. With member agencies only paying 3% of the retail cost of the item, the ToolBank makes projects and special events affordable. ToolBank member agencies must be charitable in intent. Schools, churches, neighborhood associations and traditional nonprofits – 501s – all are eligible to become members. ToolBank tools are used on any mission related project: from building playgrounds and wheelchair ramps to maintaining trails and community gardens to renovating homes and constructing theatre sets. Member agencies can even educate and raise money for their missions – all with ToolBank’s special event item”.

The impact of the ToolBank is seen far and wide in the community. ToolBank tools have planted over 10,000 trees, maintained more than 30 community gardens and 100 miles of trails, constructed and improved more than 345 housing units as well as assisted over 100 schools with beautifications, repairs and classroom projects.

Next time you volunteer, look for the ToolBank signature blue paint on the tools you use!

Learn more here.

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