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SEED20 Alumni Network meets new ‘graduates’

Posted by susandaniel
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Wednesday, May 18th, the leadership group of the SEED20 Alumni Network held a fun, BBQ get-together at the home of Chris and Jodi Hummer. The Network welcomed the new class of 2016 with casual introductions and conversation.

Upon gathering in small groups to ‘share their story’, everyone at the event was sure to see at least a few new faces and learn a lot about the SEED20 family.

The evening offered a wonderful opportunity to connect, allowing representatives from SVP-supported nonprofits to mingle and share their ideas, strategies, and contact information with each other and with the Partners who attended.

Overall, the evening afforded all its guests a chance to discuss the evolution of the Seed20 competition over the past five years, reminisce about program experiences, and forge new relationships, both personal and professional, that will contribute to the future growth and vibrancy of the Alumni Network.

Again, a very special thank you to Chris and Jodi Hummer, Partners of SVP, for hosting this event in their beautiful Charlotte home, and a thank you to new and veteran alumni for attending and sharing your stories!

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