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SVP International

Mission, Vision, and Values


SVP Charleston cultivates philanthropists who collectively invest their expertise and financial resources in mission-driven nonprofits to achieve sustainable, measurable impact.


Inspire innovative community involvement to create positive social change.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

We employ innovative approaches to achieve meaningful, long-term impact through nonprofit partnerships. We accept reasonable risk in our community investments in order to create an opportunity for maximum return.

Commitment to Learning

We are committed to educating our partners to be informed and effective philanthropists. We promote an open exchange of knowledge and lessons learned within our organization and with our investees and community.

Mutual Respect

We respect the work and expertise of our investees, community,  partners and the philanthropic community. We delegate decisions, resources and authority to those closest to the work. We listen to learn and understand. We cultivate relationships and recognize that we can accomplish more together.

Accountability and Results

We are answerable to each other, our investees and to the community. We agree upon measureable goals and document the results, both in our own work and in the work with our nonprofit partners. We balance our passion and convictions with  data driven decisions for outcomes that are measureable and meaningful.